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A couple questions


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So Im setting up everything to do my first grow and will probably have lots of questions over time. My room is an attic that has been converted into a bedroom so my ceiling is just over 6 ft tall with one of my walls being about 2ft tall and then it follows the roof line (to give you an idea of the room set up). The area I have to grow in is about 6ft D x 4ft W. To save money Im going to use the 400 watt HPS light we have here at the house (my room mate has grown before) The tubs I will be using are a 10 sterelite tubs and a scrog bubble bucket method. I plan on running a max of 4 plants.
With all that said, what will give me the highest yield? Should I run 1 plant (4X4) with a longer veg, 2 plants or more?
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