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A couple questions


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hey guys im mike and im new the forum. i have a couple of Qs about MMJ that hopefully you can help me out with. oh btw, i live in ca. im bi-polar and i also have intermittent explosive disorder which is an anger disorder. i was wondering if i would be able to get medical marijuana for this because when im high my moods dont change nearly as much, if at all. i did see that sum1 had asked a similar question but there was only 1 reply so i just want to make sure. and also, how do you go about getting a card in california? Thanks


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This question should be persued by an MMJ prescribing doctor, because bipolar disorder is tricky even with meds...I've read pros and some pretty adament cons about this from a Google search....I do have a question for you,
have you used MJ before and if yes, how did you respond to it? If you were okay, you may possibly be one of the patients who could tolerate it...But please talk to a MJ friendly MD who has experience with all the problems associated with MMJ & patient limitations.:peace: I hope you find the help you need.:smoke2:
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