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A Daughter's Call To 911 Lands Her Father Behind Bars

Jim Finnel

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Springfield, MA - Nicholas Korniotes, 40, probably never anticipated his teenage daughter would make a call to police that would lead to his arrest. That's before he decided to grow marijuana plants in the basement of his home off Maybrook Road in Springfield. Police say it all started when his 14-year-old daughter dialed 9-1-1 after two black males armed with handguns forced their way into the house around 1:30 yesterday afternoon.

Hampden County Assistant District Attorney Marie Angers says "Upon arrival they met with a 14-year-old girl and told them that the two black males have come through the front door with guns asking for her father and money."

Police say the suspects were gone when they arrived. But Korniotes's daughter told police the two men forced her into a closet at gunpoint and searched the house for money. Police say that's when they went into the house to make sure the perpetrators were not inside. Once inside, the officers were overcome by the strong smell of marijuana, eventually leading them to what police are calling a very sophisticated marijuana grow house.

Angers says "The officers were able to see grow lights that are used to grow marijuana. The room was unlocked and they could see numerous plants being grown and kept in the basement."

Police say while they were searching the house, Korniotes eventually showed up and later admitted that the plants were his.

Angers says, "A total of 93 marijuana plants were recovered."

Korniotes is being held on $30,000 bail. Police say along with the plants, they seized his house, car, boat, motorcycle and bank accounts. They are also looking into seizing five other homes he owns.

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Holy Carp! That's insane!

Kind of hard to claim that it was for personal use when you have 90+ plants though... I just saw on the news here in SC that these seven guys are going to jail for having several hundred plants... Yikes!


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Yeah the cops fared a bit better than the previous armed thugs in this case.

I doubt the cops are even looking for those guys since they lead them to such a nice score. Leave them out there and let them point out some more growers.


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It sounds like that idiot was growing for nothing but pure profit. He had enough toys to choke a horse in a supposedly poor area. This has nothing to do with a medical grow and why I don't agree with the archaic marijuana laws that exist, this jerk deserves what he got. 93 plants was by no means a personal grow he was for sure dealing and my guess is that he owed the black dudes something they wouldn't bust into anyones house just for pleasure or the hell of it. RD :peace::peace::peace:

Propa Gator

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He owned five other houses, but grew his cash crop in the house where his 14-year old daughter used to live.
If she hadn't called 911, then what?

This big grower didn't owe money, he was owed and well paid. High profile, rich target.
First 'toy' he should have bought is security. I'd bet no lawyer was pre-paid! Dummy


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Take away the money aspect and he would have been growing house plants. Prohibition made it worth something.He is just a capitalist he was willing to work for his. :peace:
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