A Day At The Lab - My High Brix Experience

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Hey all, can you believe I've written this about 3 times now [emoji23] no lie. Some how got deleted and never uploaded due bad service with the laptop. So I'll try my phone app this time.

I've never been one to boast or at least I don't think so. For some time I had been planning to travel from where ever I was and at some point end up at Doc Buds Lab. Well just a few days ago that happened and it was an experience that I will remember forever.

I believe that all experiences will play out in part by expectation. I can it say it was the complete opposite of what I had expected. I don't mean that negativity one bit. I say that only because I feel that's who I am. Ive spent years on the forum. I guess it's like when you read a book and then see the movie. The directors cut is never what your mind had created. The Congo and Lemon paki I've been somking all day is deep in my mind. Lol it's me just talking to much lol anyway, moving on to the excellent experience [emoji1][emoji2][emoji3]

Let me begin by saying that Doc is more than I expected. Humble and kind, he welcomed me into his garden with open arms. From that moment Lunchbox and I were in great company. It was work day in the lab and we went to it. From harvest to transplant I got the entire Doc Bud High Brix experience.

Hands on learning is the way I learn best and I have found a couple little tweaks to make my next grow so much better. I see that I have been doing very well in my past grows and I can attribute that to Duggan and the Brix gang for sure!!

The time went fast and I tried to take it all in and keep the memories the best I could. But the all the tasty High Brix Cannabis might keep some of those just for me. Let's just say that the kit is simple and you to can grow great cannabis.

Thanks Doc for all you've done, chat soon. I hope the gang in Jam is having a wonderful time and thanks for reading. I should have posted this a few days ago but I wasn't ready yet [emoji5]
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Hey Mag! 1st

I posted first and then read. It seems this is not a journal but a post of your experience with Doc. Awesome that you got to hang with him. I look forward to when you are able to start your next journal!

Lol it's ok, it happens. I was just getting it out to a wider audience lol.
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Wow mag sweet you got to meet doc and see the way he does things in person. What a great honour. Hope all is well mag and look forward to your next journal whenever it may be.
Hey yeah... thanks DS. It was a exciting to say the least! I think I may have had that stupid kid smile on my face for way longer than a grown man should [emoji23][emoji23]. And so many perfect plants!!! It was splendid!!


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I'm envious.:peace:
Someday I will have the pleasure to meet Doc and burn a few.