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A Day of Awkward Vibes


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Well today marks the death to an awesome era in hand-held smoking paraphernalia within mine own... BEHOLD!!!

Old picture I know but tis no more im afraid. Apparently my roommate knocked it over with this box he has to send his xbox360 in back to microsoft to get it fixed. But accidents happen so it is nothing more than a sad loss :peace: but hopefully the bowl can perhaps be saved and the downstem re-attached (I hope!) but im only going to let Home Blown Glass touch it as theyre probably the best glass blowers i can get a hold of (and its where the bub came from in the first place :smoke2:)

plus the roommate felt really bad about it and we went and picked out this new kaos bong thats a freakin mammoth!! its a huge chunk of glass and the joint is just seriously one of the biggest ive ever seen! he got an ashcatcher to go with so it stays nice and clean eh! id put pics up but im afraid my camera is somewhere in london at the moment probably having the time of its life haha :headbang::allgood:

but anyways bongs up everybody!:51::51::51:


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that sux sweet piece.

but now you will have new times with that bong have fun

Da Great 1

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Sorry about that.It was a nice piece though.
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