A Deserted Island


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You're stranded on a deserted island and you're allowed 1 album from any band you wish to listen to the rest of your life, 1 movie to watch the rest of your life, 1 strain of weed, and one smoking device.

1. Incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
2. American Beauty
3. Jack Herer
4. 1 1/4 Zig Zags

How about you??:hmmmm:


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1. Jimi Hendrix BBC recordings
2. Requiem for a dream....and a tv to watch it on
3. buble hash
4. never had buble hash so what ever one would use to smoke it with


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1. Slightly Stoopid probably Longest Barrel Ride
2. Some kinda porno
3. are we allowed hash? if not then definately some acapulco gold
4. I'm assuming that we have some kind of power source seeing as how we are able to watch a movie and listen to music so I'd have to bring my volcano :3:


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how can u ask me to only pick one album and movie. ugh ok

1. killswitch engage, the end of heartache
2. fear and loathing in las vegas
3. northern lights
4. bong


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Pink Floyd
Super Troopers
Jack Herer


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1.the best of bob marley
2.the best of will ferrel:SNL
3.northern lights X white widow X original haze X herijuana
4.a billion honey dutches


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One album? For christ sake dude I'd go crazy...thats a hard pick.

1. I guess it'd have to be.... Pink Floyd- Meddle
2. American Beauty for sure.
3. Hindu Kush or some fruity ass nugget.
4. a nice regular sized bong. something alot like this: http://www.wellcoolstuff.com/Mercha...en=PROD&Product_Code=FGB7571&Category_Code=GB

EDIT: You know thats hard, so I think I'd sneak a couple packs of purple haze flavored blunt wraps there with me too... I'd start to get a feening for that great grape taste.


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lol user... you definately thought this one out.. unforutnately berg won't be able to answer, but I would assume that you just get an endless supply of whatever strain seeing as how if you on a deserted island chances are you are going to die there as well.


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The Grateful Dead - Live at the Fillmore West, 1969
White Widow
Any type of blunt wraps


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Hmmm.... I guess it all depends on how you ended up stranded on the island. Guess we can just say we were lucky and ended up stranded injury free so blaze to get high :3:


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1. tupac all eyez on me
2. half baked
3. white widow or blueberry
4. hookah of course. or maybe some peach optimos :Rasta:


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Well......as usual, I have all the right answers on this one......:3:

Pink Floyd- Meddle.... ultimate stoner tunes, side 2 Echoes.....
Ground Hogs Day.....over n over again....need I say more?
Herijuana- At least you won't even realize or care that you're alone.
A bong, acrylic......it won't break.....:3:


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Jimi Hendrix - Are you Experienced
Boondock Saints
Dank! Purple Haze
a PHx Trinity


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Good thread.. Let's see, in the mood I'm in today, I'd pick: (the movie is a hard choice..)

U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Rizzla Silvers


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well let me see...

1 album

RKL - Riches To Rags or Good Riddance - Ballads From The Revolution


OG Kush

id say a roor... ice catche, diffuser or a shitload of blunt wraps

haha tough choices


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Album- Led Zepplen 4
Movie- The Harder They Come
Smoke- ummm, I don't know I haven't ever tryed most of the smoke that is out there...so I'll go with what sounds good at the time.
Device- I would make a bitchen water pipe from coconut shells. But I would have my trusty chamber pipe, cause it would never break.



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Album -- Allman Brother's Band, Allman Brother's Band Dreams (4 disc set)
I'm going to need musaic that will stand the test of time so that I'll never get board, pluse that lovely blues/rock/folk sound, man, I'd love that. Pluse, going with a multi disc album means more variety.
Book -- Douglas Adams, Ultimate Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy
Six books in one, a wonderful story, and a way to live your life. Amazing.
Movie -- Lord of the Rings Trillogy
Again, shooting for quantity tempered by quality. Besides, I'm an old fantasy geek. Pluse it had just beautiful imagry.
Smoke -- Purple Haze
I know there are all kinds of diffrent crazy straines out there, but purple haze has sentimental value for me. I can't recal a time I had more fun than sitting on my friend's basement floor talking about the crazyest things while smoking purple haze.
Device -- Custom made two foot Bong entitled The Rapture
This bong done not exist yet, but I'm saving up for it. I figure that I'll magicaly get it and the bic of limetless fule and flint upon arrival.


Music:Stadium Arcadium - Red hot Chilli Pepers
Smoking Impliment:peach optimos
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