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hi everyone so this grow journal will be contiestly going on everytime i have sometime now grow comming up on any season that i fell like showing any plant plant of grow that is i fell like good show or info to put here on my thead. and so there will be super cropper lesson and i will be breeding and much more stain that i try to put all here in one in this my grow journal.
and i try to keep my word to the point and short and simple.
any alot more stain to come later in the year. i'll try to find and breed and grow some much nice strain for you all to see and learn, in the furture and hopefully alot of high quility strain soon.

so alright i just start of with my grow just a few months back. of mainly Hashplant clone and a few Bubbleliciouse. and alot more update on this grow just about 10 days or so when everything starting to kick of. this will mainly for the most part be a flower show. and will be alot of intresting plant flower and plants to see and learn from in a few weeks. be sure to stay tune and subcribe for this grow update if you can alright that's all for now everyone peace out untill next time.
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hey every so i sorry yester i forget to thanks everyone for checking out my grow journal. so thanks to everyone for seeing my grow.

so today i just want to put up so more pictures of this grow i have more close up picture of some of the lant i will be flowering shortly. they are now today in hid veging for 4 days now for most of them. and there is a few plant that's still aren't ready to be flower yet about 5 out of the 15 plants. but the 10- 12 plant that will be flower i will have a more closer plant shot of those plant here today below.

the back left corner is my Bubbliciouse clone 1 of tehe 3 bubblelicious clone in this plant field. from my best pheno plant that i tok from a mother plant Bubbleliciouse that is already down it's grow but is my best bubbleliciouse pheno. follew by all of the hashplant clone around her, coming from the best Hasplant mother clone that i have flower right now. so is the good pheno of the hasplant.
you can check that plant in flower in my current growing link here, Wazo been educated first chance on planting weed


on the back right corner of the grow. i believe here is all the Hashplant clones and is about at the same age plants. except that plant on the back right that one is a 5days younger Bubbliciouse clone from the same best pheno mother.

on the front right corner, is a 7 gallon pot i think with 6 hashplant just been transplanted. they still alittle bit younger than the rest of all the plant's of about 5 days younger.

on the front left are more Hasplant at the same age as all the oldest plant here in my grow.

ok so i just want to show some picture of how i transplant 6 of my plants Hashplant into a big rectriangle pot. this will give the plants more roots. and help it grow better under the lights. make sure to pock a few hole at the bottom for drainage.

i started by talking out the clone out of a 1litter pot, and level up the triangle big pot with soil and place the clone into one of the six spot in the big pot. and i it up in a row and continew on to the next plant.

this is how it look like in row and level up with soil. than do the same thing with the 3 plant in front these 3 plant. make sure that the plant is not to close together. or if possible not to close to the wall of the pot that you tranplant it in, and make sure is level, and make sure the pot is you tranplanting it in, is deeper than the pot it was in earlyer. and make sure the soil is level and is have more soil belew atleast a few inches.

than just fill the empty space of the soil up with some more soil. pack it not too hard, and not to lose. you want air to get into the sory. but not so much that it will dry out or that water can not spread evening through the whole pot soil. that's too lose and too much air.


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hey so i am starting to try and pick which strain to use in my next grow for breeding which will be happening soon after my current 3 plant grow. here is the link Wazo been educated first chance on planting weed
and what will use for that strain is my best 2 plant clone of 2 Female best 1 pheno of each Hashplant and Bubbleliciouse. and i will be picking a strain to fine a male to breed with these 2 plant of my best pheno of the Hashplant and Bubbleliciouse. So i want to ask you all for opions on what strain to grow to find a male to breed with, and of course if it ture out to be a female and i can't fine a male of that strain, those plant female plant will be flower, and so i also ask you guys all of you to see what strain you want to see flower in my next grow coming either in a few weeks or in about 1 month.

and so i ask all of you guys what strain should grow that you guys want to see breed with my female Hashplant and Bubbleliciouse. and in addiction to that the second question is what strain do you guys want to see me grow and flower.
so here are the see that i have in stock to use to grow. and i might will do 2 strain if i feel i have the room for that and is i don't have to germinate all the seed from the one strain look for the male plant of the 10 seed of each strain.

so my strain from seed to breed with my female Hasplant and Bubblelicouse are
1. Ak48
2. Bubbleliciouse
3. Blue mystic
4. White rhino

anyone have a advice i have no clue on what strain to pick which will be best or better for my plant breeding for new strain seed. and i can use all of you guys opions. :smokin2: thank you all much respect. -Wazo

here are some of the specs

Type : Mostly indica
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Sativa
Flowering Time : Medium
Outdoor Harvest : October
Height : Short
THC Level : High
Characteristics : is an indica/sativa hybrid yet it retains most of its sativa qualities in its high. AK-48 cannabis seeds finishes in as early as 48 days if conditions are perfect.

Type : Mostly indica
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Developed by growers in Indiana, USA
Flowering Time : Medium, Long
Outdoor Harvest : October
Height : Short
THC Level : High
Characteristics : Truly resembling a typical bubble gum taste

Blue mystic
Type : Mostly indica
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Indica strain with some origins in California
Flowering Time : Medium, Long
Outdoor Harvest : N/A
Height : Short
THC Level : High
Characteristics : Earthy smooth somewhat fruity berry flavour with good shelf life

White rhino
Type : Mostly indica
Flowering : Photoperiod
Genetics : Hybrid of White Widow and a strong North American indica strain
Flowering Time : Medium
Outdoor Harvest : October
Height : Short
THC Level : High
Characteristics : The buzz is stoney and comes on hard

ok so if anyone want to see my current grow of 1 of my Hasplant mother flower right (the link for that thread if in the top of this comment.) today it is on day 35 on week 5 of flower and the bud is not really so big yet. but i also have 1 WonmerWomen and Bubbleciouse plant flower at the same week too. but the agree on those plant are about 30 days younger than the Hashplant. So if you guy like to see check that out to see what plant i'm using to get the clone from for my next breeding plant, how the mother of those seed will look like that is the plant from seed form, but the Bubbleliciouse clone i will be using for my breedinf is Not the one in Flower right now. Look for the tittle of the Bubbleliciouse letter A that's the best pheno i will have in clone form to be useing for my next breeding section. not the Bubbleliciouse letter C in flower. so yea hopefull if yall like and intresting can check that out. peace thanks for checking out my grow and i see yall all on the next update.
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hi so i'm back so this is day 12 of clone vegging. and is been over a week 7 days of hid light. and at this point the plant is officially in there vegging stage. root are almost fullu exstablish, all the plant are about 1 feet now. and i just change 400 mh bulb to a 1000 hps. i just change it on narch the 20th. at this point i'm still waiting for all the plant branch to develop a little bigger and for it to be older, before i give it to much light. so at this point i'm just trying to keep the plant veg for about 7-9 hours of light untill the root are sittle more in and the leave of the top branch itseld isready for more light per day. but the plant are alot strong now that 10 days ago when it first has start it hid light.

so this plant has been vegging for 12 days now, and is about 1 month and a half since it started rooting. but yea i see alot of yelling on all the top, even tho i only give them the maxium of 8 hours a day this last week and a half, is still to much light, at this point i not try to grow the plant too fast. and just trying to keep it alive untill it is older and bigger can can take alot more light. i will be vegging this the latest another 2 weeks and hopefully i can start flower them in my next update. so i see alot of yellowing on all of the top of these plant. with only 8 hours of light aday is stil to much light, i think. and as long the plant alive i think it'll be ok. i think growing the plant with more light at this time doesn't have to be necesary. i see alot coming out now. and i think i'll wait for a few watering and let the nuutrients come up before i strat give it like more like in about 7 days i hope. so enjoy the undate and i talk to yall good folk at 420 forum soon, when this plant flower. have a nice day everyone. oh and did i forget to say comment and advice are alway welcome.





a picture of the stem slowly developing :) is starting to get there.
sorry guyes but this is i think i best agel for the lighting. the below look up just dosen't
look so well for this plant at this time, cause they are quite short now. plus the branchese to way to think at this point to be going for those shot. it just would not turn out to well due to the size of the branch at this point, plus i need to work on my lighting before i do any fancy with these furture crytal queens? :smokin2:


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i sprout some new seed on April first 2 days ago. this is the seedling germinating how it looks today first day after i put it into any water. i have 5 seed pop and i place 5 seed in. there are 2 Bubbleliciouse seed on the left. and i really just try to get a male plant of of this strain. if not that i flower them if there are a female plant :)
on the right are 3 White rhino seed. again i'm trying to find atleast to male plant off of this strain. and i am looking to find female seed of this stain as well for flowing anda also breeding. but not alot of seed breeding just test out a seed seed to seed the the offspring genetic will grow out like. um as you can see the very top seed on the left is broke because of something happen i don't even know. maybe is too wet or the paper towel crush it. but the seed i think i will discard it. so what i did after that i just place another seed in today and to replace that broken seed. i pick this strain to use beacue is a most stabilize strain now that i have of the seed. and i think this this strain will be a hard and solid strain and the short structure of it i believe will be most beniifit for breeding, also the taste and thc on this strain i heard are really nice. and is come from the white strain family so i want to usr that genetic line to breed it with some of my other strain, like the my best pheno of the Bubbliciouse plants m&f, Hashplant, and more other strain later on at a later time.

now i use paper towel method i use for germinating seed. i find that this can be so minor problem with using this metheod. but is you are careful it will be really ok method to use. and alot less work for you to deal with. because seeds rooting are alot are like clone in a way where not all of them will root. so this is a good way to elimate the seed one that won't need to be planting yet. untill so growing or rooting sign is shown from the seed sprout. so sporuting seed, the first thing i do is i caulculate the viablity of the seed it self to the water ratio that is needed. so it doesn't drown and get damp off and like get all smushi and rot! and i most thing i think you need to pay attention to is that what i just said. and if you just the seed from drying out before they sprout. but a down over a small tray or a plate of moist but not wet plate will help fix any seed drying out to fast, and it help hold in some moisture and the humidity. but besure to let the plant breath and have a vent hole on that dome so it doesn't drown with to much humidity. plus this will help it get some air in. it'll sprout easyest and will probably sprout if you do it like that. so just make sure they don't get dry out. which can happen sometime alot more often when you use my methos and try not to apply to much water so it won't drown.
now also light will be a helpful tool for germinating fast, not now at this germinating stage. but in a few days i will explain to you all, how that can help the speed up germanting process. mainly on the rooting part of the seedling in about day 5 or so. but no light is need to help germinating right now at day 1-4. now also i would like to add that heat is also element to to use. but of course you only want to give it a amount to boost to not over due the enviroment temperture not to much. as long as is not to cold and ther water you use is not to cold and not to many in a couple of seed than the seed should spout ok. but the ideal temperature i believe is 78* for germinating seed sprout. now if is in a smaller room that heat will rise very quickly. so and i think 78* is alittle to much. i say about 70 at 72* degree temperature is best. as long as the room or water do not drop down any lower than 65* i think the seed will spout ok. now air is believe by some grower to help germanating seed/ clone as well. so add some air and not to much where it will dry out seed sprout/clone like withan minuts.
now the paper and amount of water i use. i use just a normal towl paper a size of two 1 dollar bill. and i fold that in half on top of each other. and i wet it put it in a tray. and the amount of water i use is about 3 tea spoon for 5-10 seed. and 10-30 seed i would add about 5 teaspoon of water. i usually just add about a little bit more than it take to dry out that piece of paper towel. so i wet the piece of paper towel alittle bit more that it is wet that way it doesn't dry out right away like in 1 hour. and i put it the seed and paper towel on a tray with a dome over it. and that should keep the moisture for the seed to sprout soon in about 1 to 3 days. and every 15-20 the tray will dry out almost all. and by than you just add alittle bit more water. or you can just add alittle more water at the first time so you don't have to water it in 15 hours later. and maybe in a day or a day in a half maybe. but usually about 1 to 3 days all the healthy seed that is viable are all ready to starting growing in there seedling stage. hope this help. and thanks for droping by my thread everyone.


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@ MadMardo thanks you man i glad you can check out my grow and i hope you will learn and enjoy something awsome out for this. thanks thanks there you.

hi so i'm back with and update everyone i just want to say my seedling has all die first of all.
and i think is my lack of my skill but i think after anoter month i will start some new seedling plant again soon. i think i done something wrong and i only have a couple more seed left of the wr strain. so i want to be sure i get these seedling plant to grow probably for atleast 12 days before i start plant on flower or thoe stuff anymore. i think if the light or the heat or the soil i'm using or the pot is not correct. i have to replant to insure a succesful germinating in about a month. i have try to germante around 12 seed 8 which was white ryno and only 2 came out with leaf and shorty after 3 days the stem starting to turn plant and die really fast. so i think i done something wrong with the pot soil medium. i will replant and do that later more correctly.

ok now on to my flowe plant here they are on day 14 of 12/12 light.
and they are looking alot bigger now than like almost 5 weeks ago. from what i can tell they about double in size and twice as strong so are even. i have change the plant number alittle and the position on some of them they once in and raise it up alittle bit high eespciall for the corner section of the bottom of the light reflector. and and plant under this area of the grow and under this 1000 watt grow is now at 8 plant.

i found that a couple plant just dont seem to be getting enough light to flower any bud ok. so i will not be flowering them. but still leave them threr for embiand light to veg a month more untill they are bigger and i flower those plant later. in a different sit. the one i do for my big plants. and those now are big already, it was so of the smallest clone but they about to grow even alot bigger and wider than most of the plant i'm flower now. i just don't find that flower those plant now will be really good for the plant yield, and is just getting som embiand light now. so i don't mind is not wastse that much more electricity. or space all those. so i kind have like a few small mother plant of different strain and pheno. although the water they are taken up. i not so happy to keep them months and month like this. LOL.

so here are the update guys my fellow 420er. enjoy.


a update soon on these plant after these bud get alittle bit bigger and more flower shape form looking. yall know what i mean. so i promise i will do an update by than really soon than i hope, the plant will flower on time by than.

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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!



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hey 420 mag, sire owner site. yes the grow the made there is done. Hi to eveyone there too. i sorry but i just been busy doing sum cloneing and the crop the was posting early is been done i ddin't exactly get a all in the table once in a day harvest.

but i did get a few pic of when the plant was still alive. i cute most of the plant that was down to clone. and i only get to flower my one plant on picture i will post below. so this was basicly i has mainly Hashplant clones 6 and like i and 5 of them, didn't grow so well on the first month most of them didn't flower out so well. and so i cut all of them try to clone them. 1 of the 3 last hashplant i get to root 1 healthy one which i will show later. and i also trying to root another hashplant 1 of it branch. but this other one not root is very small. my only bubbleliciouse clone flower really where, here i will show the pic below at 20 days and al the way untill week 8 with tough anythin light and it grow really nice i not need to take care of it so much, i have to cut that cplant down for clone. make about 3 of them so far rooting 2 more hopefully. but yeah that plant after 20 day of 13 it was so easy to take care of and i didn't really need to give it alot of light after that and it still flower really well. i sorry i didn't harvest none plant but at week 8 i had to cut this one tomake more clone for this crop too. ;)
so i didn't take any picture at it before i cut the flowering 8 week bubbliciouse plant.
but here i have a pic to show below of it like at 6 week i think or maybe it could be the 5th week or the 7th week. ( pplus i was scare and confuse about some my country law and order issue whats bad and harmful for us civilians. ??

the Bubbleciiouse my plant here is at about day 40 or 50



the hashplant i was trying to flower this one up to about week 5 then i cut it.
at wekk 4 i think 2 did of on me and another 2 hashplant die a week after. but i try to make some clone out of them than, fail. this plant however is the one i made a succesful clone root it. 1 of the big3 one than kind of flower a little after week four.

this one is at week 3 i think. becuase is a week flower late maybe cause of it slower grow so i consider it week 3. time is week four tho.


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hey so yea i did get about 3 ounces tottal. although is not on the table at once. and the couldn't do the triditional type of weed harvest. but i i did some and get alot of weed on the clone still grow about 5 gram left, and on the Bubbleliciouse, i think i yield about once once or maybe alittle over. i did also smoke about of the first 3 did plant that die in day 20 - 40 and the 3 healthy Hasplant clone, that didn't flower to nicely, all the wway from week 4 untill i decide to cut them down , so with the hashplant i didn't get super crystally buds, but i think i had atleast almost 2 ounce of the 5 Hashplant.

any way since that i did takecome cuting i think like in june 1st around than. and trying to root the the branches lefy on my last plant harvest. ever since i didn have start germining soom more seed. on july 4th so the begining of this month. and that's when all clone i taken that didn't die start to root. and gorwing ever since. well not much , but i show everyone now how they are doing after clone start rooting, at about 2-3 weeks ago. and well i also have some seedling started since than so let get to my grow journal show!? :)

ok so here are my new grow which i hope to contiune on her still on this smae thread. the rooting Hashplant there you see is on the back left corner, the only Hasplant clone i have lift. with 1 maybe can till make it. but not half that healthy as this cut.
and and on the other corner at the back, is my healthys clone of the bubbleliciouse 1 out of 3 or hopefully 5 later this week. is revegging. it is a very smale clone, but those for me it tend to root easy and ths clone didn't die. but i made clone befor with some of the bigger branchese i didn't made the best cutting for them maybe that's why they die and not root, i could have done better.
and no ok right in the middle of those 2 clone i sorry i ddin't have time to make a big enough label yet but is ak-48 on the left 22 days old, than is one of my only White rhyno (the same age) i could have save left this round of seed germinateing. i only had thee try this second round.


than after than next row up on the left in the small cup this one is at 10 days old rouind, this is another ak 48. 1 of 5 of my seedling. and i start germining this one 8 or 9 seeds. this one growing a little bit leaf is not have the amin branch grow on it anymore.
and the small one of that in the smaller clear cip is another ak 48. this one is at almost 1 week old,

a closer look at the ak with no main branch and it slip on the side turing into to.


over here on this right side. is ont the cut 2litre bottle, is another ak and the once in the front too. they about is at about 10 days old and the one on the front it is doing alittle slow at maybe 15 or 20 days old for that one. 2 of the bubblicious on the other side at maybe alomost 20 days old or maybe is 15 days old.

this 1 on the left is another bubliciouse i'm trying to make a few side save for later so doing alittle breeding with this strain. this one leaf is really big for a second set. it kind remind me of autoflower stain, so a.flower stain is like this, i'm look to have atleasst 1 may out of 4 of my last bubbliciouse seed.

so some of these seedling are alittle behind for 15-20 days. so is not the most strongest growing out seedling of a genetic. but is not falling behind as being some of the weaker type this round i think.
anyway i hope you all stay tune for my update. i try to put up more update on my new ground here. i think i t will be a better and more succeful grow than last time. and i have learn to be better at growing seedling than before which is quit cool, because i was yeall impress with my skill and now i know so much more. also i have learn to keep clone more healthy too. so i will be much more better grow and yield more faster and better and better flower plant soon i hope.

so alright everybody, i see yall all soon. i try to keep update as soon as this plant take of. and let see if i can update some more on the clone and topiong and some of the other clone of the hasplant and bubbliciouse pic, i try to post how they are doing soon. (the one that are kind of still alive and are still not root and are starting too. soon. later. peace. enjoy growing everybody 420 member, friends and my journal grow viewers, and to all.


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Hi thanks alot 420 girl.

Hi everybody so i'm back with a 3 weeks update. my computer doesn't let me tranferre picture to often anymore so this probabaly by my last from for a while, untill i get this fix. so anyway i might not be able to show my grow as to much anymore as often. i can still upload picture put it like it better if i upload like alot at once, rather than 5 pic every month. so itry to fix however to still keep my grow update as little as i can, with posting as much update photos as i can, without tranferring to much and getting my cheap computer mad. anyway. ok so let talk about this grow i'm in.

so i have finally know how many plant i can keep for this grow. i tose all of the ak-8 and i have 2 small one left that are still alive but not growing all to well or all to big, as i will show u all below my speech here. i probably will have to veg it 5 plant i think i will grow big out this tim which i think i possively will have atleast 1 male so that is 6 plant in total, that will be alive untill the end of my harvest. and ak-48 are under performing. a very indica plantdoesn't seem to grow as powerful or and happy as the rest of my plant, as i'm show below here.

so i will veg these plant for another 2 week atleast. most of them as almost ready, but i want to take a few mor clone and harding them off and grow them alittle bigger to put under the 1000 watts since, this time my number of plant are below what i was hope to start off with, but with the numeriouse amount of differnent type of clone this time around. i think this grow will still be nice and much easyer for me to get ready for my next set :) now basicly since my plant number are down, every plant need to be big and everyone will determine my yield in the end so each one with count alot more. and for now my Bubbliciose clone is ok not really big yet but she is very harder as she alway is, very nice pheno one i have here. 2 bubblelicious seedling i have are doing very well to, ( see the clone i cut from the top of those plant last picture). i top them after the top get to about 8 inches. and i didn the same to the Hashplant, and the white rhyno. is just that i'm been running theses seedling under almost 24 hour for light most of them for about 7 weeks now, abd that i discover that after week 5 the top seem to either stress depending on the strain or stay not growing so much, it delay for atleast a few days. and during this time i like to cut those of for clone to get them out of the way for the all the node branch underneath to pull the growth of the plant faster, because with a400 watt is hard to grow big plant bottom faster without me doing this. and so i found this is a better way to grow the plant faster it save me more time and light. and so case help the plant alive, because the plant at that point is still not as big so they need much more light around other than just growing the top for growing 1 main cola. ( my toping example i show below)

alright so that's just a short update for now. and i'll be having the picture of them start to flower most of them in about 2-3 week the maxium time. i really like to take a few more clone and have them grow out alittle bit more, that are but they all about ready. and i will be update those picture along with when they flower in 10 days or so in about 1 month. have fun growing everybody, peace bye.
and also i would like to ask so of you cool memeber and grower of 420 magazine. how do you think i'm doing, i know i fall on the ak as shown below. but as far as on time i think i'm just a little bit behind. my plants don't look to week for there age i don't think right?

the Bubblelicouse clone is still slow because is not that many brach on them, so is alot differnt shape than the Hashplant even tho they are at the same age clone.

so here u can see on the front right is my Bubbleliciouse best pheno clone is harding up growing still small but is very hardy, a great pheno. with not to many branch on this cut so it need another 2-3 week atleast for it to build extra branch it's not have yet to start with, but a very healthy clone. The Hashplant is on it's left back and a male Ak-8 i think that might be later on soon when i sex them.

this is i only white rhyno seed i am happy to keep for a strain seem very fruity and is
one of the nicest smeeling plant and most power seeming that i have in my grow ever and for right now, and is only about 5 weeks old :) i probably won't clone to mnayy for this cause i know the smell will be to heavy but i will keep this strain for later on.

this is one of the 2 Bubblelicouse seedling that i top. just starting to grow nodes out in the last 3days but doing it very fast. and nice pheno on this one and the other one. the leave stuctuce not really as harder as my best pheno of this strain more on the soft and rich texture type. and it grow consistence as a seedling i've notice. it tend to grow out very big the leave as you can see from clone picture belowe and will probably grow into liking being 1 big cola if isn't top, but i top it of course :)

this is one of the small ak-48 that is left, i'm not really hopeing to still grow this strain anymore, been growing it for 4-5 week old atleast with more light than anything else in my garden, and the plant just doesn't seem to want to branch out, none of them did. the top die out as fast as node grow at the botom, the leave are small on the branch and not want to branch othe. the botem and middle of the stem and restricted seem to be not growing branch so how, i have try to fix this plant with the right amount of light and humdity but not seem to can grow it with the amount of light i can afford :-( maybe is my soil but i haven't even feed them anything strong at all. just watering and flushing,
anyway i deal with this strain later on when i have more talent to grow this plant. um very indica like. and it seem to me that it doesn't grow out to it indica size fast enough to full size. which i was really dissapoint, because i heard thos strain was a nice bud. anyway later. i'm also looking ab=round to see who have grown ak-8 and see how they deal with the problem, cause they sure know about growing this strain more that i have did.

this one i don't remeber i think it might be a male tho, i think from the leave it could be a white rhyno, but i only had 1 wr seed spout i think, but it kind of stink like a whyte rhyno but now smell ass nice. i label this as a ak-48. but it doesn't grow like an ak-48 but maybe it is a male one. it also might be one of my bubbliciose seed. but it doesn't look or grow like any of my Bubbbleliciouse strain, but it really look more like the leaf of the ak-48 to me. but it doesn't grow like any other of my ak-48.

and here are the clone i wil have left for my next grow hopefully if they make it :)


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hey everyone. so i'm back with another grow update. sorry for the delay. but basicly i just starting to put 3 of my plant into 12? about a week or soo. i transplated them all into a 5 gallon pot last month on August 20th. and basicly i only been waiting for one of the bubblelicious plant to grow out alittle more before flowering them. and indeed it has since than. 2 of my bubblis plant hant's shown sex yet and the white Rhino is turn out to be a main as i will show you all my update here down below. the unknow plant which was the think one that i thought was a male plant well that one have already shown sex and is on the time now to start it to flower. this strain maybe is the Ak-48 and is a little thin and is not so big but i have clone one of the 8 stem on it soon. and i try to save this strain. i only need one clone this time cause i'm sure i can root this one. even though is my only plant of this strain and i will show you how i clone them below too. today. by the method i think call air layer.

so yea all is doing well for their age. and i'm hopeing to put them the 3 female under the 100 watt soon. to kick off even faster flowring start time. um well i'm trying to grow out a vew veg plant from clone soon before that so that i can use the whole 1000 light bulb. i also have 6 Blue Mystic seedling jsut start running i sprout them about last month on the 20th and is been almost 3 weeks say i should you guy all those seedling picture below. um the are not under the max about of light they could be. but is ok because i'm not just start to grow them now. i have to grow bigger plant and start clone also so is ok i no need to hurry with these seedling to grow as too fast. as if like if i was just starting a grow from no plant.

anyway sorry for the delay everyone i'll update soon on the grow in, one the 2 bubbliscious plant start to show sign of there gender. and in about 2 week i think so serously plant flower should start on here and yea hopefully that happen so ican acturaly do some progress on these update. i think no i although i only have 3 plant that might be female. um in the next 2-3 week i will be having some seedling and clone growing out big sound to further along creating this growing into a more bigger and more nice looking canopy grow. and by than i'll try to still update those plant on here in so,e perporsion. ok i see you all on the next update in 2 week hopefully. later and stay high everybody.


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i forget to label this one but i think chance are it is a Ak-48 and is a female plant

Bubbliciouse my youngest plant. now sign of any pistil yet. is doing a little slow but big thick stem and this was the one i was waiting for to finish vegging.

another Bubblicious seelding, no sign of pistil yet, this is my oldest and strongest plant from seed yet. and is doing very fast and healthy

the Male White rhyno. this plant remain thick, short, neat and compact. i've cute all the shoot out. to leave only pollen for on the top of the 7 branch and i will try to collect those pollen. is not so many and that you can see the main cola i show below is quite big and it was much bigger than that but i have to cut alot of the botom out since is a main. i'm sure is this was a female i would easyer get like half an ounce of that cola only if the left that cola there growing out before i cut it. non the less i like this strain and is very nice plant stucture. don't you think :D


this here is the clone of the Bubbliciouse that i had for almost 1 year now and the Hashplant clone. i decide to not flower these mainly because i needed lot and lot more clone from them. in fact i need lots of clone from all the strian i grow now untill i can but those strain into seed form. Plus well the Hasplant clone is root is not really to weel for flowering i think and that i have try still to cut alot of clone ofd of it already but this time thankfully. i will get a hand full of nice clone of othe this Hashplant. and well the Bubbleliciouse plant, it's top i think not that many branch that's why i dont want to flower here. i'm sure she will still flower ok, but she was a really small clone at first and it will take so long for me to grow this one out to it gorwing size so i decide to make alot of clone out of here. this one basicly i am proud to try and get more than 5 clone out of her. but i won't be growing all of those. probable will just keep a few strongest clone of each strain for my next flower crop.
basicly i cut about 5 clone a month ago from 2 of these plant and didn't get all of them to root so i have to cut them down all the way. and m,ake more clone this time i'm air layer. and the clone seem to be doing also not dying as much, i will update some of those plant in flower in the furture maybe after this grow is almost done. basicly here i'mm air layer some of these branches about 10 of them tottal, and they all will by rooted. (but air layer which is like almost the same outcome as cloneing. i'm rooting them.)

and here u can see the 1 in the front is a clone i took 1 month ago is doing ok, but the problem i had before with cloneing is that the water uptake from the stem at the bothem alway get cut of when i put them in water. and even when i put them in soil sometime it can happen too. mostly on weeker stem clone one. and the thick stem clone i seem to not can root it in soil at all so much, and when is in water the green outher layer most of my clone it gets rip of. and it only show the woody layer left when i try to clone them inside water.
now when i air layer theses clone the same size about, and these problem seem to decrease the issue i had with just cloneing them. and as u can see below the plant at the back is air layer only been 2 week and cut of the stem on in5 days. and is looking hard and heathy. so yea i like thise method it seem to work for mean really simple to do and is not to much wok and the result is sucess. there haven't root yet the 2 clone at the back but the stem is very hard and still alive not too and stuff. so basicly i think if anyone have problem with rooting a few clone and only want cut try with a few brach of cutting this way is one good way. and u have to put a little bit of work, but i mean the clone look yea stress from when doing like this it seem. andu don't have to waste all that time growing more branch to try to root cuting. if you only want a few clone and not want to waste so many cutting and want a sure clone this way seem to work ok, and yea i think the clone will root this way or maybe heathy rooting without stress.

ok so this is the the air layer clone, about 2 weeks old from the plant. cut of about 5 days. and u can see the bottom of the stem is hard and heathy, also look at all thos white root rorming thing. it look like root may start fast from there soon i hope. i don't know but i will keep yall all update on this clone! also i cute like 5 small razor blade cute on them to make those root looking thing show up while air layer them in the process.
i would have shown't yall the pic of one of the mother clone with these branch with root looking thing on them. but i just starting to air layer them not 3 days ago, so nothing there yet. :)


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hi so i just want to make a quick update on the grow and show you all the bud shot of the what i thought is the ak-48, on 26's day of 12/12 of light. the bud on it is looking good. about 7 8 colas all full of buds.

i have more pic on my of the plant on my gallery but i label the section wrong so there it might be taken down later so, i not going to post it up here today, maybe next update i'll show the plant. but here are the ak-48 close up of four picture of her. and i'll put up some link that the plant shot and the 2 bubblicios plant. also here.

close up at the Ak-48 at 26 days flowering.




here are some of the link on the other 2 plant and the Ak-48 full plant here have a look.
2 of my bubblelicious plant. 3 cola on each of them, not doing so fast yet at day 26 but
about 4 branch are really big.

So yea i have to kind of cut of 3 to 4 branch off the 2 Bubbliciouse plant for more clone. i haven't get any clone rooted yet, my last 2 mother i take clone but they all have die, due to my bad growing mother plant skill. haha. the air layer did all word out, and this time i had problem with clone with the top main it kind of get really yellow. and it didn't grow the clone i cut i try to root that is. about 10 of them. and i have a problem with this before too but due to to much humidity in my clone dome i think. i usually just get problem will the stem of the clone get draw off or too wet and die off, usually only the 1 first week of cutting the clone. after that most of them survive. so i try to keep on them alot only during that time. i also have so clone coming up will show yall the update on that next time soo i hope when there ready. and my 5 seedling of blue mystic is like month old already and they almost onld enough to start having branched. the last one are still trying to root. so i'mm try to update yall on that really soon too. anyway yall enjoy. much more to come on these 3 flowering plant i think soo. and i'm try to put up some pic of the up coming veg plant into flower maybe in a month i see you all than. thanks for checking out my now so amazing grow just yet, still. lol haha, stay safe guy. i see you all on the next update. peace.


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hi 420 people. and 420 Forumers
now so i did end up harvest my last crop this first week of this month october.
only 1 out of the 3 female buding plant this time again, like i did last time.
the other you did and so small bud ( unfinshed flowing bud). it fell of of the didn't get to flower those 2 plant which are the 2 later Bubbliciouse plant.
my ak-48 plant it yield at almost 25gram plus the stem and all.

alright so you all see my flowing plant for this grow i had the ont that i set to start now here are flower bud right after i harvest cut the
branch off the root in the pots.

Ak 48
pic 2 and 3. here are the bottom bud after is cut 3 days later.




1 of the main cloa, nice size right. is harvest about under 50 days

a close up of the 1 cola of the just harvest bud.


the last 2 pictures are when is dry up the next day after that. the yield was almost 25 gra. including the stem stick. the 5 main cola was almost 15 gram plus the botom grow was another 5 grams. that;s add up to 25 grams.



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anyway that it for my grow thead for this time guys. i have to stop for a while and come back later to yall for another better epic grow. as soon as i get more plant growing and than i can acuturally show some of my new plant grow.

i only thing i really hate about this grow i made this one in fact is that i cant keep up with enough plant to contunine a longer on going production crop.i really didn't do as weel as i can for what i like my grow journal to be like this time and the time before that.
and i think my grow infor for my grow latley has been bad not informative as i would of like. and plus the bad plant i ended up flowering. my skill i really didn't like that this time growing.so anyway i really hate how my grow this time make my this thread into me explain what i did wrong and put a bad image on what this grow is all about, and i hate how my plant didn't all grow bud the 2 other plant this time. i hate how i have to explain so much and my grow information is been unclear and i ddnd't show much of a good grower should be growing like.

so i will be stoping for a while to learn better on my skill. and i have 4 female vegging plant growing right now that are almost 3 month old that isn't really big enough yet.
i'm hopeing to veg these a little bit longer time and stop grow journal for a while and start a fresh new once ass soon as i can grow this plant out bigger and have more plants count more up on my grow. this will take a while for me to grow thise plant out so i will lose another month of time on this crop. so this will not start of as easy as i would be growing normaly time wise.

but i just want to make this clear that that doesn't stop me from learning or sharing my knowledge with 420 magazine memeber on forum here. and i really like to learn to grow better bigger budding plant and much faster too than i recently did i hope.
so i hope you guys all can join me on my new grow later, after i'm ready maybe soon i hope soo in time. my better less complaicated more infomational grow journal. and more alive plant that are flowring ok faster bud and dense. i'm try to be back as soon as i get thise plant pump up with more growth and i try to grow more clone, and plant soon hopefully. thank you guy for check out my grow. i kno i update to many picture for one plant, but that will stop too later on.

and of yea also in the mean time in the plant and bud section i will start updateing my current grow in a month if they started good growth start happen more in my garden.
like plant grow much bigger and or plant start to flower or all of them are big enought something like that ok. and i'mm continue on with that untill i feel like my grow in stable enough to start to longer more informational and lest complicated grow jouranl show.
anyway i just want to leave u guy with the plant i kind of stalling untill i can replicated more genitic for it soon, something like that or i grow it bigger see what else i can get out of it,

as you can see they not that big as if today most of them for almost 3 month old.
i'm hopeing i a month time the other 3 female my smaller plant will growing into a fool soon in about November 15th , than i can cut clone and flower most of them ok i hope. and make more plant and i try to grow a few more seed to learn how to do that again to be succussful at doing that again, and yeah so i'll tell you all later how they all turn out soon ihope and start a more normal strat to a grow journal.



the bud smoke is great thanks you guys for seeing thise thread! peace and enjoy smokeing guy. i know i am haha and have fun growing too for some of yall. see you all later untill my next grow. peace.
i'm out untill my next grow journal. :smokin2:
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