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OMG, how excited am I! Today is the 1st day of week 9 of flowering of my first grow. I have 3 plants of unknown strain, with one being totally different than the other two, which look the same to me. I checked my trichomes this morning and on the single one, an amber trichome here and there, and the other two 50/50 clear/cloudy, I'm guessing. Here's my question: If I turn my lights off for 2 days, will they continue to ripen (turn amber)? Can I turn the lights back on if it's not quite enough without screwing them up?
I'm a lightweight, and would prefer a nice high with some pain relief benefits. I'm not looking for out-of- my-mind-can't-do-a-fucking-thing effect. The seeds I grew came from some stoney stuff.
Thanks for your input and guidance, all-knowing 420 friends.


I guess my question is 'when is ready?' I have read that 50/50 clear/cloudy is the best time for THC content. Since I cannot determine between clear and cloudy (I am viewing with a 60x microscope), and it all looks the same to me, I am using the appearance of amber as a guide. I suppose they are all ready if using 50/50 clear/cloudy stage. I think I would like to use the one that is turning amber as my guide and harvest them at the same time, with the other two at 50/50 or full cloudy, for different highs. Is the transition cloudy to amber quick or take day(s)? I'm sorry if I'm confusing.
Will they continue to turn when I do my 48hr lights out before harvest?
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Dwight Monk

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Pics would probably help. Depends where you are looking, as you can find amber trichs on the sugar leaves weeks before the Flowers are ready. Turning lights off for two days and then back on again wouldn't be a good idea IMHO, but then I don't do 2 days of darkness before harvesting either (or most of the other odd stuff that personally I don't feel makes a difference).

Chris Scorpio

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50/50 and seeing Amber seems a bit pre mature

Amber on leaves means nothing, they degrade much faster

Pics like Dwight said will help a lot

I use a microscope app on my phone and get great tric pics, try that

50/50 is not the best time to take them, full cloudy and no Amber is a racyer high than heavy Amber which is couch lock

Pics pics pics


Thanks...I tried a few and incapable of making it work lol. I will have to do some research for direction on how to use it properly.


Those are great. I'm inept...I cannot get it to focus in sharp like that. I have a tripod but I'm doing something wrong. I just have to play around with it. Do you have the free or upgraded version?
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