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A few general questions.


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Miracle Grow has a product called the "perfect potting soil"". should I use this for my new seeds. Will is be good enough to grow quality shit? Two, I just ordered a 400w hps. should I use this right off the bat with the new seeds or should I use compacted floresat first? Lastly, I found a new space for my growing. Its a closet about 3'x5'x8' is it going to get pretty hot with the light in there. Will circulating the air with a medium sized fan be enough to keep things cool. Thanks in advance for your time and help.


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the ballast is whats going to put off the heat i would not keep the bulb and ballast in the same grow space, also that sucker is gonna put off alot of heat man. that may not be enough, that air has gotta move pretty fast to surculate the heat well enough. i dont like any of the miracle brand shit, its crap to me, fox farm, scotts with added phosphorus for the roots i like. black gold is good shit, generally go organic man. chemicals make the weed taste like shit. i mean grade a shit. you want fresh air on ur plants as much as possible.
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