a few of my poems


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I'm not allowed

I'm not allowed to tell you i love you, only tell you that i care.
I'm not allowed to let you in my heart, but i did and its not fair.
I'm not allowed to smell your skin, and keep it in my mind.
I'm not allowed to have you, someone else i have to find.
I'm not allowed to look in your eyes and see the perfection.
I'm not allowed to love you, but it spreads like an infection.
I'm not allowed to close my eyes and softly touch your skin.
I'm not allowed to love you, a game i cannot win.
I'm not allowed to hold you every single night.
I'm not allowed to see how your smile is so bright.
I'm not allowed to love you, only tell you that i care.
I'm not allowed to miss you, and really want you there.
I'm not allowed to cry, an agreement that we made.
I'm allowed to keep it secret, hidden in the shade.
Minds In Serious Danger

Have u ever tried to figure out the things that goes through ur mind?
The reasons y, playful mind games gone wrong. so very hard to find?
In the corner shadows cold, warmness in the sun, minds in dissaray.
Thoughts from the mind need go away.
Evil thoughts, mind gone sour.
Veins bubbling, wash it away like blood in a shower.
In the middle of the night, i await,
Exploring the mind, opening the gates
Insaine desires to harm my prey
Nightmares so horrid in every way
Flesh being torn, blood runing free
I cannot welcome what ever this may b.
Children laughing, voices screaming in pain
Confusion spreading rancid, going insaine.
Wanting to turn and run, wanting to stay and learn, wanting so hard to fly.
Feeling loved, mind confused, hateful words, loving gestures, still wondering y.
Tenderness and love, pain and sadness, minds with nowhere to go.
Cant say it cant explain it, and for it, nothing to show
Mass confusion dressed in anger
Minds In Serious Danger
My Mountain

I did not know it but i started my life climbing a mountain.
Trying to find a place, gain acceptance; slipping through my fingers, choking it down like warm water in a fountain.
As a child i ran around, my spirit so free, i had no idea that things would matter.
That people are hurtful, lives fall apart, and dreams can shatter..
I fell from my mountain trying to gain acceptance in society.
i love to help others when they need a hand, even tho....
When i need a friend, a family member, they'll just say no.
Once when i fell, i got up and strained to see the top.
My mountain seems high, i have almost reached it. i am hurt from the drop.
Society has many obstacles for me if i want to survive this life.
I have felt so many emotions, 1s that make me smile, and 1s that pierce like a knife.
So many times i stared at my mountain, crying. my life will never reach the top.
I look at my mountain, kicking me off again, this time i die. it was 1 hell of a drop!
Medical science prevails, i stare at my mountain., i look at it differently this time.
It no longer looks like a mountain i am forced to climb.
It looks like an adventure, always something new to find.
I am not angry, i am not sad.
I have gone to a place most never had.
I'm not afraid to go home, its where i like to play.
I would not trade an experience, good or bad. to make 1 more day
I finish out my life climbing a mountain
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I LOVE to write.... thank you...


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here is another,
but i never really gave it a name..
Once alive, wild and free, always happy with a smile on my face.
All i ever want out of life, is to experience everything life has to offer, and find a place.
I've experienced true love, as well as the un describable pain that follows.
I know true friendship, and what it means. and anger anger that burrows deep, and wallows.
I have touched wealth, if only for a day.
I know poverty in more than 1 way.
My heart once beat hard and free, now kept alive by wires and a machine.
They open my head, cut at my brain, remove some skull and spine. just more wounds to keep clean.
I have touched a place beyond all imagination, words cannot describe.
A place where your spirit is free, all physical feelings subside.
so many things i cannot put into words, i cant spit them out.
i try so hard to make others understand, but i cant, u all have doubt.


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i wrote this in jail when i got raided for pot....
I hang my head in shame
As i lay down my head, i close my eyes. I feel the tears run down my face.
Eyes closed, i see your beautiful smile. I cannot have you here. life now a disgrace.
I reach out my hand, desperate for u to take it. i feel nothing but air.
The pain runs deep into my heart. im glad u cant feel it. it would kill u if i shared.
Dying inside. to tell u how much i love u, and beg god not to make u leave.
Trapped as a child, u couldn't possibly understand. no way to tell u, how could u believe?
I am here but i am lost. lost it all for me and you, I have no 1 to blame.
Love u i did, showing it; i have failed, telling u im sorry, i hang my head in shame


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Your writing is deep & inspiring~~I am a poet myself~~though I haven't
written anything new in a long time~~but I truly enjoyed reading
your stuff~~
PEACE OUT:peace:


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Very Cool poems. I liked "my Mountain" I think the best!
Wishing everyone the brighest of days
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