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A few questions about Plants


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you mighta misunderstood me you put it into bloom and bloom nutes cutting down
nitrogen cause it roots easier you take it before it flowers tho
that's why a week or 2 into 12/12 by which time it may start to show and be ready to but not yet flowering
i dunno i do it off mothers taking in veg nutes and i do it the other way too off a plant a week or 2 into 12/12
they both root in 7-10 days with clonex

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Still nothing?


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as long as the clone is taken before you see pistils growing at ends of branches then you wont have to reveg, if its to far in flower you will need to reveg the clone, taking it in early 12-12 is as chronic stated because the N is much lower and this helps promote root growth, so the other option would be to give less N for 7 to 10 days before taking the clones

i do take clones in late flower so i end up with monster cropped plants as yields are double what they are the first time round but thats with 3 weeks taken out for it to reveg.

but then i take clones at all stages of growth and all root ok so as long as the environment is ok then the clones will root with no problems, but the less N in the plant when you take the clones the better,
the other thing i will add is i dont flip to flowering feed until after the stretch period of 12-12 is over, the plant is using more N during this stretch period so giving it a flowering stage feed is only going to make the plant want more, so ive found my plants do much better when i flip to a flowering feed around week 2 of 12-12,
the only reason the plant stretches during 12-12 is because its trying to find the light, so its mainly doing this stretch during the lights out period, so plants grown under 24-0 then flipped 12-12 will stretch more than plants grown under 18-6 then flipped to 12-12, but if you dont want any stretch at all then use something like gas lanter routine and this will reduce any stretch

if we look at outdoor plants then growers dont feed flowering nutes until they see the plant is flowering, so it makes sense to keep feeding veg stage feed until we can clearly see the plants starting to flower, so as its hard to judge for sure when this is i keep giving veg feed until day 14 of 12-12 then ill give plain water next feed then start flowering feed after that, i just think that tends to work out a bit better.


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I see and all the reading I keep doing and you guys helping me I know I won't get it wrong. I'm going to be switching my grow area over to the Flood table this weekend. I'm going to give the plant's 2 more weeks of veg time then I'll switch over to 12/12. As for stretching? I'm doing 18/6 so if they reach out some that's fine. I have the head room in my tent to easily go 6' if needed. I'm going to hold off on cloning about 2 weeks after switching 12/12 and I will keep the veg N for 2 weeks into 12/12 and see how things go. I'm going to veg till end of the month, I want to make sure the big change I'm making the girls will be ok with. More to come.
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