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a few questions before they go in the grow box

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Hey everyone.

So my chocolope kush plants are at about 6 weeks and have been doing alright. theyre about to go into my grown box in the next few weeks when its ready but I've just got a couple of questions. I'm not exactly sure what nutrients should i be putting in with the water when i water theses? as this grow is going to be in soil, is it a good idea to resoil them when i move them into the grow fridge?
With the pictures I've attached i just wanted to ask if by the size of the fridge will i get away with having 2 plants in there. ill just have to trim them and keep them low...
my light is a 300W LED btw

last thing, i know people freak out at every sign of change in their plants but i just wanted to see what this markings are on the leaves? I've seen them on other plants before, just want to know.

thanks heaps guys! :thanks:

Yes you can get away with having 2 plants in there. The issue for you will be height. I wouldnt wait too long to flower 12/12 light schedule because they will "stretch" after you flip them to flower. The second issue I see for you will be heat and air movement. Do you have plans to run a fan in your fridge? You will need to extract heat from the fridge as well or they will cook.
As for nutrients it really is up to you. I wouldnt use Miracle Grow as it is time release and if you run into issues ie. nute lock and need to flush the soil, you wont be able to. It also depends on your budget, some nutes are expensive and some are cheap, if you have a local Hydro Shop in your area I would pay it a visit and talk to the store owner/employee regarding your budget and what you need they are more than helpful, well they should be.
If you want me to recomend a good nutrient to use, I would suggest the General Hydroponics 3 part system Micro/Grow/Bloom it is easy to use, very straight forward and should cost you around $60.00 all together. You can use these for Vegitation and Flowering phases of growth.
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Awesome, Thanks so much for all that!
yeah with the fridge I'm in the process of building it to a proper setup with filtration system and fans.

any idea of what the marks on the leaves are? do the plants look alright for 6 weeks?
Looks like bugs are eating the leaves. Common with outdoors plants. They do look a little light starved. Are they under direct sunlight?
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they have but not for very long every day because theyre just on my balcony and i can't have them where people will see. but they'll be under light soon