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A Few Quick Questions Needing Answered Please


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1. How necessary is CO2 in a grow room?

2. How soon can I put neem oil on prior to my lights coming on, obviously trying to avoid leaf burn but not sure how long it takes for the neem to soak in enough where it wouldn't be a problem.

3. How do you know if your fan is blowing on the ladies too hard, I mean as far as damaging the stalk or flowers.

Thanks for your time and any helpful answers are much appreciated. :popcorn:


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1: One of the last things to experiment with once you've got everything else dialed in.

2:You can put neem on any time. Its oil based so it doesn't burn like water droplets will.

3:If its not blowing the planters over then its good. Cannabis likes lots of wind.


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Thanks Weed420 & Racefan, yeah the fan isn't quite that severe so it should be fine. As far as the neem I was more concerned with it effecting the bud flavor, not sure if it does or not. Thanks for the good advice gentleman it's greatly appreciated.
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