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A good combination of nutes?


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I've heard good things about the FoxFarm so I'll be buying that.
I'll also be picking up a small container of Bud Candy.

I was at my local Hydro-store yesterday and the guy there told me that "Big Bud" was essentially the same as Tiger Bloom from the FF Trio so I mind as well not get it.

He sold me a finisher which was this "Hawaiian Bud & Bloom" by the company Grow More.

In addition the FF Trio, Bud Candy, and Grow More what would you recommend?
Not looking to spend too much money, just something that's cost effective in increasing yield and potency.



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I would get alternatives to AN whenever possible. They are just a bit too expensive IMO, they are great products but over priced.... Again that's in my opinion from using them.
Its very easy to go over board so just use what you have so far and see how that goes.
I use a plant growth hormone called triacontanol to boost my growth, look into it and see if its for you.
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