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a helping hand, please? yellow leaves, brown spots, curling leaves


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Hello everyone! :D I'm in need of a piece of advice for helping my plant friends here get along and be happy :) Now, I have to say I'm new to doing this so I appreciate your patience. Uhm...it's kind of weird asking for patience in this forum, actually. I think it's included in the membership :)) But! Back to the subject :)

They're two weeks in and I had to transfer them because some weren't getting enough light (I have a sodium vapor 250W lamp - indoor conditions/tent) Now, the source of the situation might be that the soil i used now is a different brand than the one I used before, but they're both a Royalty Mix.

The main difference in the soils would be that the previous one had a stringy, hairy texture and this one is quite puffy and smooth to the touch. The first one looked like it had long fibers in it, to be more exact.

Now, before moving them everything was OK and they weren't showing signs of any discomfort. Also, I kept their roots in the original soil because I would have destroyed their little veins if I tried to remove all the fiber-ish one. Also, I watered them with tap water (left in bottles over a couple days so the ph would go down a little bit) by spraying the soil until it was damp and then letting it dry a bit so their roots would extend. This was working perfectly.

Now...some grew more than others and now I'm watering the bigger ones every 24 hours or so by directly pouring water onto the soil because I guess just dampening the surface wouldn't work so well now. Those seem to be holding up pretty well and growing, except for the two little leaves on the bottom that have gone yellow.

One of the smaller ones has brown spots on it and it seems now that a bigger one has a really-really small spot. Another has started yellowing from the tips and is continuing to go down the leaf. There's also a couple with curling leaves which have been like that from about 3-4 days into week two.

I'll include some pics because they're always a great help :)

This is the one with the brown spots:

This one seems to have a combination of tip yellowing and brown spots around that:

These are the small leaves on the bigger plants that have gone yellow:

The one with yellow tips only - the yellow seems to be going down the leaf:

A couple have curling leaves - inwards:


on this one the curling seems different...it's been like this from the start :-/

Well, hope you can give me some pointers because I really want the lil things to start feeling better again.

Also, I'd have a couple questions about how to use the fertilizers and supplements I have...should I post this in a different part of the forum?


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Re: a helping hand, please? yellow leaves, brown spots, curling leaves.

First off, welcome to 420!
It seems to be Nutrient Burn on the first ones with yellowing tips, and heavy it is...
The las ones with curling tips look like the seeds just had a bad start to me..
Hope this was help.


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Re: a helping hand, please? yellow leaves, brown spots, curling leaves.


just use water, the soil should have enough nutes in it. watering every 24hrs seems a bit much, so i'd think about uping the pot size if you have well established roots...

i'd start a light feed after 2nd week of veg when starting from clone and growing in soil deppending on container size.

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Re: a helping hand, please? yellow leaves, brown spots, curling leaves.

Gods Trichome is right (he usually is) totally salvageable. Welcome to 420 and good luck man. Your going to be so glad you grew your own. Especially when you see how much better the product is. no comparison to street nugs IMHO. Peace
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