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Hi guys and girls

Ok, i know there is a lot of threads on this subject, and i have some answers that could help. However, I would like to post a few pics, and maybe someone can comment before i try out solutions.

My autoflower OG kush are 72 days old. In the start i added organic compost in my soil, and later, bought nutrients bottle (in picture). I am concerned as the plants are VERY slow in flowering. Maybe i added to little magnesium and calcium?. But before starting to do so, i ask for help. Take a look and let me know what you Think. Much appreciated

- Niels
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I think it’s probably a seed mixup and they aren’t autos. I don’t grow autos personally - but from what I’ve seen of them they’d definitely be flowering by now.
So change their light cycle to 12/12 if you can, or wait till the fall when it happens naturally.
They look healthy otherwise. :thumb:
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Hi, thanks a lot for the reply! That could very Well be :/ gonna have to let Them stay on natrual cycle for now, as i am leaving for vacation. But i Will try the 12/12 when i get back.

Thanks again
- Niels