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A little advice would be greatly appreciated! Phosphorus?


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First I would like to apologize for making a post about something that's been mentioned over and over and over again. I used the search feature of this site and got a good understanding of what could be going on.

My seedlings stem is turning purple just above the first node, right under the first set of single bladed leafs that appear. Now I understand this could be anything from a phosphorus deficiency, to a genetic trait.. I am going to wait a couple days to see if it clears up, as it has been mentioned this is possible.. but I would really like to know a course of action if this IS the case.

I am on day 8 since sprouting from soil. I haven't had any discoloration so far, and this seems to be spreading up the stem. I didn't see any purple below the node, but now it looks like a streak of purple is developing there too.

So, if this turns out to be a phosphorus deficiency, what should my course of action be? From my understanding it is too young for nutes so I'm a little puzzled on what I should do.

Any and all advice is welcomed. I really appreciate it!

Edit: Just noticed on the very tips of the leaf serrations on the NEW growth (still small) there is a light purple color coming in. is this indicative of phosphorus deficiency?


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Pictures are a big help here. as for the color, like you said, it could be genetic, could be a deficiency , also could be temps. Mine were a little too close to the air conditioner vent during the day and they started to purple, but if your leaves are good and green and reaching for the light, you probably do not have a major problem. also, if you could tell us what kind of soil mixture, what your temps are, what strain (if you have any idea), what your ph levels of your water are, what kind of lighting, ect. the more info you can give about your plants the more likely someone can diagnose the problem (I am not much good for deficiencies) .


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I was waiting to borrow my buddies phone a little later tody to take a picture, I have the grainiest camera on earth. I will post a picture soon.

Most of those questions I unfortunately cannot answer.

Strain is unknown, pH meter should arrive in the next day or so (slow bastards), and the soil is just soil from my yard, sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, and it says lime for pH balancing

The leaves are all still stretching, new growth progressed over night.. and I haven't noticed any discoloration or spottyness in the leaves.

I think I found a likely culrpit reading through forum questions on Google search. I didn't think it could be from temperature at first, but didn't take cold soil into consideration. They suggested that over watering could help cause low temperatures from the soil staying saturated or something. I cut back on watering, going to water every other day now and see if that keeps things fine.

Thanks for your reply.
I've been so worried haha.
I will post pictures shortly


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Here are two photos.

If you look at the very tips of the serrations you will see what I'm talking about


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No I didn't...but that sounds like something that would have been really good to do lol.

Is this going to pose many problems?:|

I need to get my hands on some pH up/down. Looked into lemon juice but doesn't seem so


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The only pests I found were very tiny ants that I was able to get rid of with baking soda. I haven't noticed anything so far, but I will hope for the best.

When I get my pH up/down I will check out soils to transplant into.

Thanks again for your help, I've been panic reading the forums ever since I noticed this and I'm much more confident about what needs to be done now.

Thanks for the heads up about the soil!


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Watch what kind of stuff you put in your soil.
Go slow Not fast... They can get too much fert
And belive or Not, too much water...
Your shit dosent look bad but you can
kill it off all together with egg shells and grass clippings...
Please be careful!!!!
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