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I have been building a veg chamber. So the cab I am using currantly will be used for flowering. . . I would like to stop using CFL's for flowering, just use them for veg. My cab is 5' H, 3' w, and 2' deep. I know HID would probably be too much for such a small space. Hps is what I would like to look at. But I'm not sure what kind of Temps I would have to deal with. what would be the highest watt I could get away with, and would these lights need to have their own cooling system, or would good venting take care of the temps? I appreciate the help, I just don't want to go another harvest with CFL produced air buds. . lol:laugh2: :peace:


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Im useing a 400 hps in a 21'' / 48''/ 56'' closed cabinit with a 170cfm fan to vent my hood and a 70 cfm intake. I live in Florida and its hot, and my temps stay at 76 degrees. So a 400 or 250 hps should be fine if you vent right.:peace:
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