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A little help please


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ok here we go, I am growing in ebb and flow using 8 kessil 150's and 5 4' cfl's for side light penetration my room is 6'by 8 ' flood table is 3>6 with a 50 gallon res ventilation is 6" phresh filter and a 4" inline fan I also have 2,4" passive air openings and 2 8" openings.

problems heat and humidity

I have put in a small portable air conditioner for heat, it is controlling the heat issue. problems 1,unit does not have automatic restart and runs all the time
2,it is eating up my co2

on the humidity issue i installed a de-humidifier

is there a better solution to control these problems :peace2:


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Hey oldbastard,

Where is your air getting exchanged? Are you pulling air from the outside, or exhausting outside?

If the air from the grow area is only being pushed into a small area and then pulled back in, you will always be fighting humidity and heat. Can you exhaust or intake from the outside, under the house, in the attic?

Also for heat, not sure what a kessil light is, but can you directly pull the air from around it, like a enclosed light fixture?



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i believe the 4"fan i use pulls 480cfm per hr thru a 6" phresh filter also the AC unit is also pulling fresh air into this space temps aver. about 88F during the day humidity 65% with out the de- humidifier running with everything running temp 74 humidity 45% c02 901-1451 I am going to install a couple passive air opening in the ceiling to try and pull some dryer air into the space.I think that will fix it between the veg and the bloom i have 75 gallons of water in that space.
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