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A Little Help With Door/Air/Lighting on my tent?


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Alright, so I've just finished my flower tent, which I have some seedlings and younger plants I started flowering early while I get my veg tent set up, and I have a few questions, because I'm sure I'll run into the same problems when building the veg tent. I'll be posting pictures below for reference. :) Anyway. My biggest concern is not really with my lights, but my cords, they're simply in the way, even with the tiny seedlings and those smaller plants. Is there any way I can fix the problem? Next, is air circulation, what would you recommend? Preferably something that is contained within the tent, because I don't want light leaks, which leads me to my next problem, a door. What would be the best way to do this? The height of the tent is around 50 inches, and all of the tarp zippers I find are 6 or 7 feet long, will I have to use velcro? Has anyone ever cut one of those tarp/dust zippers to fit a shorter tent successfully? Any help on this stuff would be GREATLY appreciated. :thumb:

Here's the tent, as you can see, the cords are a mess:

Oh, and sorry for the sideways pic, hopefully you can see well enough. :)


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I was having the same issue with my wires and I'm also working with about the same amount of room. I eventually got tired of the craziness too. I got long bread ties and used them like you would a zip tie, just a lot easier to get them off. Also with the air circulation, bath room exhaust fans are inexpensive and can be fixed to either move air in or ducted to blow air out (to help prevent any light leaks). With my fan I cut a hole in my wall and where the fan blows the air out, it makes a light tight seal. Hope that helps. Happy growing!
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