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I'm asking if u guyz think this would work. I want to do an outdoor this year. Anywhere from 3-6 plants. I'm getting female White Widow
I want to know if I could use pvc pipe as a way of fertilizing them. I would have several different pvc pipes going into the ground like rows and lines. About 1.5 or 2 feet down and they would have a plastic baggie with a rubber band on the tops to keep them closed. I would start putting ferts in with water after about 3 weeks. I also will be using the water beads (the beads that slowly releases water. I think this is a good idea. Any suggestions or comments greatly appreciated.

I wish i posted more but im lazy with typing.:peace:
Re: a little idea?????

I believe this is unnecessary. At those depths the root area will rarely if ever get dry. Your use of water retaining polymer crystals will ensure moisture is present. Focus on the size of your planting holes, choice of medium to fill it and location. A good southwest exposure can make a huge difference and I would encourage you to go the organic route. Water and or fertilizing at the surface allows the solution to slowly leach down through the root network and will do the job.
Re: a little idea?????

marijuana is known as weed for a reason, because it is. as such the root structure of a weed is very shallow and wont go very deep into the ground. the root might only travel 6-12 inches down but spread out 2-3 feet.
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