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A long debated subject


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
The ultimate buzz. Have you been there? I'm not talking about couchlock buzz, even though that may be a part of any good buzz. I'm talking pure cerebral, take one toke and not realize how strong it is. That one toke would have been cool for sitting watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons for hours and laughing your stomach sore, but by the second time it comes around it hasn't kicked in all the way yet, and you screw up and hit it again. Damn, right about the third time the doob's coming at you your heart is beating hard after a monster headrush, and you mess up and hit it again. Now you are getting afraid you won't be able to keep the paranoia under control so you do the smart thing and even though you're afraid to talk you say "Pass" to the next hit, but it's too late. You are starting to feel like you might overdose, even though you know it's only weed. It seems to take hours before you are able to maintain again, and you feel relieved that the buzz is over. Whoa.

I had the pleasure (and fear if you will) of experiencing this strange feeling. Back in the late 70's I smoked what a dude claimed was Thai Stick. It was a gold color and smelled a little like hay, which made me think he got ripped off. It WAS tied to a stick (as Cheech and Chong would say), so I thought I'd smoke on it some. He went in his house and we all followed him. Maybe it was the Hash Oil he wet the stick-um on the paper with, but that weed was the best I ever smoked. And I know all of you have a best weed you,ve ever smoked. ;)

Now my question in this long debated subject is this:
If YOU were to have to pick three strains that would produce the most powerful cerebral stone high you could imagine, what would they be?

1) ?
2) ?
3) ?
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