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:allgood: My friends at WHCCH have a beautiful selection at this time and are eager to expand the products list.
For your consideration:


Indicas: OG Kush, Green Grape, Odyssey, Green Erkle, Mango, Purple
Passion, God's Gift, Grand Daddy Purple & Cottonmouth
Kush. All possess that heavenily, yet earthy scent, sticky
and loaded with glistening crystals.

Sativas: White Widow, Afgooey, Purple Haze, Dr. Who???, Snow Cap
Arrowhead, Sour Diesel, William Wonder, Organic Train
Wreck & White Rhino. Beautiful, pungent and mind
expanding...Buds look like jewels

Hybrids: Diablo, Primal Haze, Bubblegum, Bubba Kush X Silver Kush,
Sweet Nightmare,Blue Dot, Sour OG & Super Silver Kush.
These are a treat because they have qualities of both
sativa & indica...often with one dominating the other in
various hues.


Caviar(granulated coldwater hash), Mr. Nice Bubble Hash,
THC Bubble Hash, OG Bubble Hash

Sour Diesel, Dr. Who & Keif Cake

Honey, Purple

Black & Tan> 1 G Purple Hash Oil & 2 G Kool Keif


Bubba Kush, MK Ultra


TAINTED product line: Beverages, Bud Butter, Candy
bars, snacks, chocolate syrup &
ORGANIX capsules: Regular Strength 5 cap. pak, Full
Strength 2 cap pak & Maximum

Coming Back Soon! DESTINEY'S KITCHEN:3:

WHCCH offers a Vending machine, as well as pre-rolled cigarrettes, papers and much more.
Arrangements for ATM service will be available soon.
Some concentrates are seasonal, although there will always be various forms of concentrates in stock.
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