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A Lotta Ins, A Lotta Outs, A Lotta Strands In The Old Duder's Head: Urban Grows Mad Stanky Dabs

Tony Urban

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Couldn’t have said it better, thanks Dr.H, the pads are quite effective when the same size as the pots. Catches a lot of fungus gnats. My pads done have many carcasses. My pest concerns are non existent.

Within days the plants have gone from 24” to 31”. Shit is going down. Hanging on for dear life. I keep posting these images because I can’t believe it.



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Net height...you're doing it wrong! :3:

Lock Down Pads are economical, effective, entirely safe, and simple to use. Lock Down Pads are ideal for use indoors or outdoors in potted plants.
Brought to you by the folks at Lock Down Pads!

Tony Urban

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Net height...you're doing it wrong! :3:

Brought to you by the folks at Lock Down Pads!
Lmao I am maxed out in height. I use the net to space out the colas and provide some support more than restraining.

I topped the rear right plant. The stem is 1/4 thick at the top.Gave the plants a bit of a defoliation. Lots of long thin shoot. Really seeing these get lanky.

This is now week 3 of isolation for me. I used to lecture people at work for coming in sick. Colds. Sniffles. Whatever. We have good health care here and our work provides sick days and leave. So I listened to my own advice. The benefit of Canadian health care and benefits from unionized work.

I started getting a cold. I took my computer and went home. That was March 10th. Since then I have been out maybe a dozen times, mostly the first week.

I am lucky to be able to work, let alone work from home.

I am more intelligent and grasp the fundamentals of science more than the president and took measures to protect my family. As an emergency responder I can recognize failure to lead and Covid-45’s failure is staggering only in its completeness.

I am praying for you all. I am not religious.


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plants look great Urb!... :thumb: ...day 8 mandatory quarantine...piece of cake, as it's not a lot different from real life...;):19:...my sister is just coming off 16 days isolation(flu like symptoms)...tested negative X2...back to work in ICU for her Monday night...needless to say she's apprehensive(2 travel related cases as of today) but looking forward to a familiar routine...cheerz...:high-five::Namaste:...h00k...


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It's about to be everywhere in MA, usa. The homeless shelters have begun to test + and workers in health care are being sent home for fever. Hold on tight. Fortunately I, like yourself had some presence of mind to prep some as well. We're in for the long run best we can.


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Glad to hear you're staying safe and as healthy as your plants. Really hoping they stay halfway manageable for you dude. Prayers for all of the mag family for sure!
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