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A New Grower's Guide - Scrog - Soil - HPS - Air Pots - White Rhino


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Day 69 of 12/12:surf:

Hey Hey everyone! No doubt Medicatetoday!

Well here we are, right at the end of 9 weeks of 12/12. She has fattened up considerably in the last week, you can see the swell big time right at the tops of the colas. Im thinking I will place her into the dark period before harvest very soon. Im going to try for another trichome check with the usb microscope tonight, but in one of these next photos you can see lots of ambers. So enjoy the pics, could be her last before harvest day! Sorry for the dog hair, gonna be a long harvest day de-hairing the buds lol.

Here you can see a bunch of ambers, I'd be happy with 40-50% amber.

See ya soon everyone, stay tuned for a final trichome check, and happy growing!



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the plant looks great, im so glad you didnt harvest to early, some growers harvest early and they lose out on the last 2 weeks of the plant putting the most weight on, i admit i did the same when i first started growing, i kept checking the plants every day and when it was cloudy i harvested, then the next time round i had bud left to smoke so wasnt in a rush to get to harvest, so it went about 3 to 4 weeks longer,
i was so damn glad i decided to let the plant go longer, it really paid off as the buds got huge in the last 2 weeks, so you done well letting them go this long, they look pretty much done to me, just keep an eye on it going hermie, i know at this stage it wont produce seeds but you dont want pollen everywhere in case you grow another plant and end up getting pollen on it,

females go hermie if left in flower, its called rodilization when you use this method to produce fem seeds, its the method i used so if left in flower long enough then they grow pollen so they can self polinate,

your plants looks great, you should enter in pom contest next month and nug contest once its cured, its sure a worthy entry

well done


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Hey everybody! Thanks for the kind words DP and everyone else! The White Rhino scrog has been in the dark for 2 days now, I think its......HARVEST TIME! be back with pics of the process for your viewing pleasure! (could take awhile!)
Can't wait. Sprinkle some bud on my popcorn, okay?:popcorn:


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Harvest Day after 72 days of 12/12

Hey everybody! Welcome to the harvest day update!

So after 72 days of 12/12 photo period, we finally chopped the stinky and sticky White Rhino. We went by reading the trichomes, about 50% amber at harvest time. Hopefully we have produced some dank, heavy stoning medicine lol. The plant was placed in total darkness before harvest for about 48 hours. Due to work and such, I had to harvest in two days. All in all I am very happy with the turn out. I crushed my last grow by a lot, which was only 2 ounces. We have yet to see if we'll hit the 4 ounce goal of this scrog, can't wait for dry buds! Thanks for staying along for the ride everyone, it was fun journaling this grow. here are some pics, I want to take some better nug shots in a few days. enjoy!

So my drying box is rigged up from the giant box my air conditioner came in lol. I have all big colas hanging and some smaller stuff on a screen. there is a small fan keeping the air moving for a nice proper drying space. again, sorry about the dog hair lol.

Thanks again y'all, see you soon with more pics and final weights after the drying! Also I'll post some pics of the awesome roots from the air-pot. My new MK Ultra sprout is doing great, can't wait to start the next journal!



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Great job, looks at least like 3 oz to me. Anyway, this was a great SCROG/air-pot showcase!
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