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A Newbie that needs advice


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I plan on making a grow box and with the following setup and was wondering if any one had any tips for me. This is my first set up bringing plants to full term inside. I have grown outside for a few years But never flowered inside. I understand how important controlling the tem humidity and smell are. Any advice on chemies, soil, The size of my room, ventilation, my light would be helpfully oh and on a strain or 2.

5x5x8 Area Air tight tent
1000w Air cooled light
340cfm exhaust blower 6"
6" odor scrubber
Passive intake

Anything i left out please let me know...OH is this a big enough blower for my light and exhaust? Should i go for 490? Also what Would u recommend For a growing style? sea of green? scrog? Indica sativa Thanks for any help u can give me......This site is great:thanks:
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