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Hey All Gerg Here Been 420 For More Years Than I Can Count
I Would Like To Say Hello To Everyone Out There In 420
Am From So Cal And Enjoy Long Strolls On The Beach With My Favorite Pipe Rolling Long Fatties And Reading About Anything
That Involves Mary I Am Not A Med Mj User And Though I Do Belive
That We Should Be Able To Use This Great And Benificial Plant
For The Awefull Illnesses That Some Of Us Dont Have A Choice
In Having But I Allso Belive That Everyone Reguardless Of Illness
Should Be Able To Smoke Cook Grow All The Mj They Want
Without Prejudice From Any Government Entitiy I Remember The Mj Experiments That Used To Be Televised When I Was Verry Young
And Thinking That I Could Not Wait To Smoke My First Joint
Thats Right It Wasnt Peer Pressure And Once I Had Smoked My First Bowl Full It Was On Any More Though I Belive It Is More Medicinal Than For Fun Allthough It Is I Have Been Suffering From Back And Shoulder Problems For A Long Time And I Dont Sleep Well Without
At Least A Bowl Before Bed Time I Could Use Vicodine Whitch I Do Enjoy And Does Help But I Will Never Allow Myself To Become Addicted Whitch I Could See Happening With That Type Of Drug
So I Have To Limit Myself Whitch Means That I Only Use It As A Last Resort When The Pain Is So Bad That I Just Cant Take It Any More
Whitch Fortunatly Isnt An Everyday Occurance The Pain And The Years With It Have I Belive Given Me A Verry High Tollerance For Pain Fortunatly Or Unfortunatly I Just Wish That Big Brother Could Look Out The Window And See The Forest Through The Trees
But I Think Sometimes That BB Just Wants To Be A Bully Rather Than Listen Or Look At The Past Mistakes It Has Made And Try To Learn From Them But In Its Infinite Wisdom It Just Cant Seem
To Get It Rite Sadly Any Way I Think I Am Starting To Ramble

So In Finishing I Would Like To Thank All That Fight For The Rite
As Things Do Not Change Without The Fight How Sad

Peace Brothers And Sisters Gerg.


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Welcome GERG! You're among family now and we totally believe in individual rights:headbang: That Vicodone is wicked shit, & I got hooked for awhile...I don't even ask for it anymore...I keep several strains around for desired effects and because I have a coop to go to, I can get "concentrates"...aka hash, hash oil or keif to suppliment for pain if needed or just an attitude adjustment...gratefully, I haven't encountered pain that is excruciating & prolonged since I switched over...I did Percs too...those little bastards will steal your soul.:laugh2:


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welcome to the site gerg.! i am glad you found us, hang out smoke a little and join in all the excitement
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