A night in a tree


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it was so amazing to sit in a tree. and i was feeling poetic about someone...
i sat till 3 am...

how do i miss someone who was never there?

how do i say that i really wanna share?

how do i pretend that its ok that you are not here?

how do i say i love you with out fear?

does one wait?

is it fate?

or do i go?

and never show,

that what i wanted,

has been flaunted?

is it just a dream?

my mind wants to scream.

my heart is alone,

dont want love on the phone,

so far away,

is it just a game to play?

a path i did not find,

let it be wrong my mind.

i hold no expectaions,

dont want elaborations,

i wanted to be your friend,

i give you nothing to defend,

then my heart took a dive,

struggling to survive,

could my obcession ever be,

someone who wants to be with me?

i cry to you, but you do not hear,

i look to you without fear,

dont want a game,

we seek the same,

i miss you even tho we never met.

i love you even tho i may never get,

a chance to look you in the eye,

and tell you id never say good bye.


Nice read, i quite enjoyed that, it really got me thinkin about a whole lotta stuff. Bout 2-3 weeks ago i did a similar thing but instead fell asleep in the tree. Around here there is a lot of bush parties to attend to, i go to alot of em usually smoke like a few j's of bionic B.C. bud, have a few beer and have a good ol' time. Well as the night was winding down i found that i had maybe drank one too many beer, so instead of driving intoxicated i figured i wuld stay at the party and leave in the morning. I remembered i had a hammock in my car so i went and got it. The thing is i didn't want to hang it too low in the trees because someone leaving the party might not see me fast asleep and back into me or something. So i mustered up what energy i had left and climbed about 15-20 feet up this tree strung my hammock across to another tree and tried to get to sleep. I remember myself looking up at the stars thinking about all kinds of things just wishing i had a pen to write some of em down. But w/e it was a fun night and in the morning i climbed down the tree with my hammock at hand and drove off. The experience really made me feel at one with nature it was pretty kool.

:peace: malibu


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very cool malibu420.... lol. yea i love to climb trees... makes the spirit relax..
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