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I forgot how to start a new post after all this time since the end of 2016 and am writing this as my new introduction, hoping that my friends might still get notified of this reply. If anyone that remembers me still, I just wanted to explain what happened. First I got really sick and ended up back in the hospital only a couple of weeks after my first time in early November 2016. I was Septic and had a long case of C-Dif and was in the hospital for a while more. Then my back that was injured initially at the FD went really FUBAR and it has taken me a couple of years to get back to where I was before. I had to stop my grow since it was a long time before I was able to move around enough to try and start it back up. Then I saved up for a little while to replace a light that went bad and purchased a better tent (I'm still pretty broke financially, but doing a little bit better than I was back then). Due to other problem, as well as one with my pain Doc, who just for starters, knew that was using what I grew to help me get off the pain meds that had a fit when the ER I went to notified his office about my hospitalization and told him my drug screen showed THC. I guess he was questioned by one of his partners about my situation and he pretended he knew nothing about me using THC even though his nurse who was sitting in the room during that appointment told him after he started chewing me out that my records showed that they knew and it was in my records and my drug screen all showed it as well, but now I'm close to becoming Opiate free. Seeing a different Doc now who has been weaning me down at my request on the opiates and I finally see that I should be off them completely in a matter of months. I apologize that I never got back on here after all that and explain it, but the first year after, the only thing I really did on my PC was checking my email and one other site. I'm was only on every couple of weeks. I had also lent out some of my equipment to a friend who was starting a grow until he could buy his own (and I didn't want it just sitting here, helping no one until I could start up again, especially so many people helped me get started and I wanted to pay that forward) until recently when my new pain Doc said that since I'm doing so well on cutting back on the opiates quickly, he is submitting my paperwork for my Medical Marijuana card to Illinois. Plus, Illinois now allows M.M patients to grow a limited number of plants legally. I am only waiting now for my M.M. card to get here to restart everything up. If any of you that were my friends here and were the ones that I looked up to for guidance reads this (and doesn't hate me for not getting back on here until now), please leave me a message. It may be a couple of weeks until I start, but now I'm back on 420 now. I welcome hearing from any new friends as well.


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I remember you, somewhat. but I don't think I was subscribed to your journal. Good to see you back. Pharmaceutical opiates suck, and we can't talk about the homemade type here, so... If it's been machine-processed and formed into a pill, I try to avoid it. Too much chance of the side-affects being worse than whatever it is that the medicine(?) is supposed to be helping with.

The owner of the forum went with a different software while you were gone, so it might be a good thing that you don't remember much about how to do things, lol - less to "unlearn" that way. But it's all relatively easy to figure out. Just some stuff might have moved or look a bit different. If you need an explanation about something specific, just ask.

I hope you manage to find some decent strains that fit your needs. I see you posted on your profile back in September that you were looking for recommendations of seed vendors who advertise here. I've personally had good experiences with The Vault and Gorilla Seeds, among others.

The owner of The Vault gives away a pack of seeds each month to someone who can use them (medicinal purposes). Been doing it since 2016.

And if you watch the blog (link at the bottom of their main webpage), you'll see that they give away a lot of seeds via contests. They do some in our ********' section, too, but there's always an additional giveaway via the contest's blog page.
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I don't know you, sounds like you left around the time I joined. But welcome back just the same. Sounds like you've had quite a journey to get here. Looking forward to seeing your grow etc when you get set up. All things in time. Have yourself a fine day.:peace:


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Welcome back!!


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I don't know you, sounds like you left around the time I joined. But welcome back just the same. Sounds like you've had quite a journey to get here. Looking forward to seeing your grow etc when you get set up. All things in time. Have yourself a fine day.:peace:
I will be posting the first day I get my card and start the grow. I'm pretty sure I will have questions about some thing I may have forgotten since my first grow. Thanks for the WElcome!


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Welcome back @Smokeater

No worries brother, sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to do what you have to do to get back to normalcy and stability and coming here doesn't always fit into the equation, especially when it's medically impossible to spend that extra time posting.

The spirit of this place is still just as accepting and compassionate as it ever was and nothing has ever changed in that respect, so you'll have no trouble picking right back up where you left off my friend, believe me, I've had work related issues over the years myself that have kept me away for long spans at a time but when I finally made it back, it was like coming back home after a long trip, where everyone was still super friendly and supportive.

Again, welcome back home brother, you'll be back up to speed in no time ;) :welcome:
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