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A path in my life.


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I'd like to share with yall something that I went through.

I've known my lady for 8years now. When I met her I never saw her as a potential girlfriend. 2-3years later, things change.. I suddenly felt something. So I stepped up and we hooked up. Its weird,.. this didn't start like a normal Relationship. This was deeper....

Our relationship is going good and we hit a stump in the road, words were said, things where thrown.. hearts were broken. We went our own paths, it was over? .. I left and went back to Los Angeles ( 700miles to my homies house ) I crashed with him for a bit, started working.. got some cash, bought some bud, made some cash... we were livin it, the pad was totally hooked up. It was the " BACHELOR PAD " - 3Bdr Apartment.. 1 48" Plasma TV in the living room with the nifty " Coolsat 4000k Pro " for those who know wassup ;) - The homie was a genious at putting comps together.. he had the ultimate setup. 42inch LCD as the Monitor for the Computer. Surround Sound hooked upto it. All the rooms where cool enough to chill. It was weird... its like we were living in our own little worlds. Partying every night, people come in and out... in and out, the house was alive 24hours of the day. The bong would turn black in seconds. People always showing up to just chill n smoke.

Well things started hitting me 1 day, " what have I done? I think i've been high for weeks straight " it doesn't feel right anymore... 1 Day chillin at the pad... Also the pad is a well known WritersBlock For Graffiti Writers/Artists. Alot of people come and just share sketches, kick back, smoke weed, listen to music, sketch...

haha, The funny thing is there is a little box we have for all the dead bics. Its funny, its like a little graveyard. I'll have to take a picture of it when I go back hopefully this summer!

Well this song came on right.... I dont know the title.. all it says is " 143_637 " and the Artist is: Lyrical Architects. - This song hit me so hard, I think I broke down that night. I smoked like a train when I heard it, trying to get away. But I think by smoking I absorbed it more. If you have patience, please listen to it. The beginning of the song is a movie quote and the song actually starts about 1minute 30seconds.

Here is the link to the song: Just click on " Lyrical Architects " - www.myspace.com/desde1

After that, I got back with her. Its 8years that Im throwing away... After being out in LA alot of the females I met just didn't cut it....

I know this is probably corny... but just thought I'd share somethin, and im high as hell... Highly Recommend: SourBubbleKush packed like a .8g and im so blown,, haha.


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interesting... weird song btw.....but good.... its sucks sometimes when all the possesions in the world cant make up for a moment lost..

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Moments past can be replaced. It's the preciousness of the here and now that counts. Looking back as you move on in life will only see you walking into a stop sign. Look ahead because that is where your happiness awaits.


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Yeah I feel that way now, Im glad I held on... The love is just unimaginable.

I have a bowl packed, but I need to feed my Bearded Dragon and my dogs first.

Goodmorning All.


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Yeah, happiness wouldn't be so precious without the the despair to compare it to. Being perfectly happy and never making mistakes would be BORING in the long run. IMO
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