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A Plan To Legalize Marijuana

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If our district justices would throw out any pot charges, we can advertise our county as a "Legal Pot County." A one-page advertisement in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (to say it's legal to possess and partake of marijuana in Crawford County, not to offer the product) will draw lots of tourists. Further, with a 1-800 number for Crawford County, the phone will ring off the hook.

Anybody growing pot (would have to) have a license. At $5 per plant, the county treasury will grow by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Conneaut Lake Park could be opened. For years, tourists have drank at the Beach Club before riding the rides. My generation smoked pot before riding the rides. The Log Cabin restaurant could become "The Get-A-Head Cafe." Pot-laced brownies and pot boiled in milk and honey could be served.

I am asking all district justices to attend a public forum on March 3 at 7 p.m. It can be held at the Courthouse in Courtroom No. 1. I ask all district justices to respond after Feb. 15. I urge all readers to call and/or write their district justices and tell them to attend.

Rita Marwood – 6121 U.S. Highway 6, Linesville, 683-2120.

William Chisholm – 984 Water St., Meadville, 724-2736.

Michael Rossi – 10996 Perry Highway, Meadville, 724-6322.

Lincoln Zilhaver – 2100 Independence Drive, Saegertown, 763-2222.

Amy Nicols – 314 S. Franklin St., Titusville, 827-6514.

We have one national policy concerning pot. In the early '70s, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse convened. Our own Raymond P. Shafer headed the commission. The findings: Pot will become legal while drugs are to be "cracked down on." Crawford County has many seniors who believe in Governor Shafer. (Editor's note: After extensive review and criticism of then-current national drug policies, Shafer's group "recommended decriminalization of marijuana use. The Richard Nixon Administration virtually ignored the report, and in fact, stepped up the 'War on Drugs' at all levels. However, the insights of the report remain widely acclaimed," according to information published on Allegheny College's allegheny.edu Web site. Shafer is a distinguished alumnus and former president of the college. He also served as Pennsylvania's governor.)

1. RELIGION – In the Bible; Genesis 1:11, God gave us "every plant that yields seed." The Apostle Paul was a tent-maker. In Romans 14, we are asked to not judge what another partakes. In the Hindu faith (a light-skinned, blue-eyed tribe), pot has been recorded for 5,000 years. "Bhang" (pot boiled in milk and honey); is recorded in the Antharva Veda and the Susruta. In Crawford County, we have gathered "The Church of the Blessed Sacrament." With this church, we have First Amendment rights.

2. MEDICAL – In the history of womanhood, this female plant is good for morning sickness, cramps and labor. Further; it is good for glaucoma and heart disease. Cancer patients with chemotherapy swear by it. (It gives them an appetite.) It's a miracle plant. Twelve states have made pot legal with a prescription from a doctor.

3. INDUSTRIAL – For Thousands of years hemp has been used for twine, rope, nets and sails. Hemp has no "kick" but is illegal because someone might plant "good" pot in the same patch.

4. RECREATIONAL – 96.7 million Americans have tried pot. On the home-front, I practice Kundalini Yoga daily. Pot is a sacrament and a muscle relaxer. I passed a petition around to put a referendum on the ballot to make pot legal. In one year, I gathered 629 signatures. The court dismissed my petition. Further, I was denied a booth at the 2008 Crawford County fair because I wanted to sell pot posters to promote our annual rally. Many of our supporters have begun to write-in "Legal Pot" on the ballot.

I am a member of NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). I traveled to Washington, D.C., to their national conference. They love our Raymond P. Shafer.

President Washington grew hemp and separated his plants. President Kennedy smoked, while Bill Clinton didn't inhale. Sen. Barak Obama admits to smoking pot. (Editor's note: Numerous Internet sites offer references that verify the statements about Washington, Kennedy, Clinton and Obama.)

In conclusion, pot is a mild plant of God. If you try it, you will like it. So, let Erie have gambling with a slot machine parlor. Crawford County would prefer legal pot. It is no gamble. It is a "cash crop." So let's plant "Victory Gardens."

Stiles is a Townville resident.

Editor's note: Charles Stiles Jr. submitted this piece for publication as an opinion column. It was written as an "Open Letter to the District Justices" that he said he distributed to all five of Crawford County's magisterial district judges (referred to as district justices by Mr. Stiles) To have an evening meeting in a county courthouse courtroom will require a judge's permission, which Stiles said he will request.

Source: Meadville Tribune
Copyright: 2008, Meadville Tribune
Contact: Charles Stiles Jr.
Website: Meadville Tribune - LOCAL COLUMN: A plan to legalize marijuana
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