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A Poem


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The barrier burst wide open
Water ruining the carpet
Of a downstairs basement
Left to the pity of
Snarling rats
Protection from bitterness
And enemies closer than friends
They smother me
With this love breaking point
Pain meeting pleasure in a crazy ordeal
A rite of passage
Tucked away into the depths
Of the sullen sky
Where my head hangs listlessly

Fog engulfs me
Blurring my vision
With teakettle melancholy
Of a scalding (Oh so hot)
Hand against my throat
A burning sensation
Fire in my neck
An illusion of warmth
That only makes the body
Liquid in form
But cold to the touch

Bringing out the closet
Of masochist toys
And Riviera fantasies
In the sprinkling rain
Leaking drops
Of a pink pleasure cloud
From the mind
Down the spine
Into the fingertips
Of my innocent touch

It is you alone that saves me
Leaving your name
On my swollen heart
In kid-crafted letters of love
A touch so demanding
Yet asking slowly if you can
You persist
And I fail to remember
How my mother warned me
That the perils of men
With original sin
And too much testosterone
Could steal me away

:3: I miss how well I used to be able to write. I really do.


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interesting read... i like it...
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