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A Prayer for The WeedMan

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A Prayer for the Weedman

It is with a heavy heart and increasing sense of urgency that forces me to
express my deepest held feelings. Recently Mr. Edward Forchion (a.k.a. NJ
Weedman) was sentenced to ten years in prison for charges relating to
Marihuana. This gentleman hurt no one and helped many. Critically ill
patients with AIDS, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and other major diseases
were provided with their medicine, Cannabis Sativa, by this courageous man
at great personal risk. Now my friend has become just another victim of
America's racist drug war.
After World War II the victorious allies held war crime trials at
Nuremberg, Germany. The Nazi's defense of only following orders was
rejected. Laws that ran counter to human rights were judged to be crimes
against humanity. The Nazis, like the American Drug Warriors, were not
criminals operating outside the confines of the law. Everything done in
Germany as in America's Drug War, had legal backing, and if a law was
needed they improvised.
The demonizing of Mr. Forchion by the criminal justice system serves to
cover up the central reality ie. another poor, Black man has been served up
to the ravenous prison industrial complex. America now is now first among
all the nations at incarcerating her own citizens per capita. 70% of the
more then 2 million people in prison are there for drug offences. More
then 75% of these prisoners are poor and intimidated by the prosecutors
illegitimate power into accepting a plea bargain thereby denying them a
fair trial. The statistics must not be allowed to become mind numbing as
they relate to real human beings and the society we are creating.
As a physician it is clear to me that the real drug dealers are the CEO's
and others profiteering in the pharmaceutical industry. Their greed forces
many people especially the elderly, to choose between their doctor's
prescription or buying food. They of course are the legal ones protected
by their campaign contributions to the politicians.
In the case of Mr. Forchion versus the State of New Jersey certain truths
1.)State Senator William Gormley, Chairman of the powerful judiciary
committee, best exemplifies the legislative branch. When a request was
made to the Senator to meet terminally ill patients who benefit from
Marihuana his response was chilling: "If anyone uses this illegal drug they
are criminals and deserve prison." During Mr. Gormley's failed U.S Senate
run he found time to meet with Mr. Wynn in Las Vegas receiving $40,000 in
campaign contributions. Not a bad return for Mr. Wynn's $200 million
Atlantic City tunnel to bring gamblers to his casino.
2.)The judiciary branch is best exemplified by the State Supreme Court's
most recent addition, Justice Verniero. His role in protecting the State
Police in their recent profiling practices gives new meaning to the word
3.)Finally, Governor Whitman, Chief Executive of NJ. The recent picture
of her grinning while frisking a black man with an audience of grinning
police officers spoke volumes.
Where will the drug war insanity end no one can say. In 1938, people in
Germany did not know the price they would soon pay for subscribing to Nazi
policy. With the benefit of hindsight and an awakening of consciousness,
we can stop the juggernaut and restore meaning to the words "Liberty and
justice for all!" If we don't there is no one to blame for the impending
disaster but ourselves. Ed Forchion is an American hero who at the least
deserves a fair trial which to now he has been denied.


Steven Fenichel, M.D.

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 12:52:13 -0800
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Subject: On Behalf of Ed "NJ Weedman" Forchion