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A Puddle Pirates tale of Lost unknow Warriors in the War on Drugs


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The Story of the fishing vessel "Little Kip"

It was another rowdy night at the bar when we got the Recall.
DEA had a Hot Tip and we were being recalled to the boat to go check it out.
We got the low down at muster, vessel(suspected MotherShip) broke down for 3 days, been calling into the US for parts. US fishing vessel was in-route or on-scene with parts. Suspected smuggling.
FCC had triangulation on them.
They were outside the 200 mile limit in the Gulf.
Would take us a good 15 hours to get there.
We got underway and arrived on scene in the dark.
We slipped up with lights off and watched for a bit.
As we got within a few hundred yards we turned the lights on and hailed them to muster up of the fantail.
They were assholes&elbows throwin' lines and crankin' engines.
The MotherShip was a huge steel trawler that the Littl' Kip was tied to,
she was now haulin' ass down alongside the trawler and the chase was on, sort of.
We followed since the Little Kip was a US vessel and the MotherShip wasn't.
We were waiting on word from State to board the MotherShip. so we were told.
As we moved up alongside her we could see someone on their knees steering.
We continued to hail the boat on the VHF as well as the PA system.
They came on the radio and put out an SOS saying they were being attacked by the Coast Guard and we answered with "Hove too and Stand by to be Boarded!"
There was a bit of bumpin' and crunchin' happening until we moved off.

As we were awaiting word from Key West Group to open fire and disable.
The dumbasses started to burn the boat.
Yeapper, they set fire to the boat they were on.
When the Captsin saw this, he had the boarding/small boat party standby to cover the Firefighting teams,
as the rest of us switched from firearms to Fire fighting stations.
I was on the Fifty, I secured the mount and manned the forward hose.
As we came alongside the Littl' Kip,
we tied off to her and turned the hoses on her.
One forward hose and I think there were 2 aft .
As I was pouring water into a forward hatch, I saw hands appear from around the pilothouse and could see people walkin' from around the corner. I hit 'em with the hose and yelled for them to move aft,
not forward they could be shot.
They freaked when I hit 'em and ran for the fantail.
There were four Columbians aboard and once they were secured and the fire was out, we were aboard.
Seems they had been tied off to the MotherShip for a bit, they had the lazzarette/aft steering compartment so packed with bales we had to take a fire ax to the deck to get it out.
Oh yeah, had to get it out for evidence (smrk)
Group Key West said to get what we could off it and leave her.
We wondered around lookin' for the MotherShip till damn. We lost her, some how.
How you lose a 100' Steel vessel is beyond me. There was a bit of other ship traffic in the area, we chased a couple and they turned out Not to be the One we wanted.
We returned to the Littl' Kip and found her still floatin'.
Group Key West had us take her in tow and return Home.
After about 8 hours of 5 knots the Captain called Key West
to see if we could just scuttle her and get home. They said we could.
We dumped some gasoline on her and backed off to open fire.
Well, we shot and burnt hell out of that boat but she was just so full of weed she wouldn't sink.
We even ran up on it and had it submerged under our bow and everytime we pull off , she'd bob right back up.
Key West was advised and issued a Notice to Mariners as we turned and ran for the dock.
We got home and a few days later the story got real good.
Seems while they were being questioned the Columbians said there were 2 Americans on the boat with them. They insisted that they jumped off as we started to chase the Littl' Kip.
We found no evidence that anybody but them were on the boat and it was pretty much just forgetttin' Till one of the Seaman was hittin' on a darlin' at The Big Fleet bar.
While they were talkin' the girl starts tellin' about her last boyfriend
that disappeared off a boat while on a weed run.
Seaman asks what boat?
She says "the Littl' Kip"

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I have a mate who works for the Coast Guard out of Port Angeles. He's just been involved with drug interdiction work as well. Good on you for doing some necessary salvage!


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I loved Key West, Back in those days.
Just ain't the same anymore.

Was sorta strange to hold guns on folks
you spent time drinkin' with on weekends. But we All Understood.

Savin' their Butts, Search and Rescue, was a lot more fun.
I'll see if I have the story about the Ocean Lady written down yet.
Phelps fleet boat that almost sunk, on the Owner's Kids first trip as captain.
We showed up with pumps and weed, just as
water was about to cover the engines. :3:

SmokinMoose said:
I have a mate who works for the Coast Guard out of Port Angeles. He's just been involved with drug interdiction work as well. Good on you for doing some necessary salvage!
That's why I joined, what better place to learn to smuggle.
Speakin' of Salvors,
Fisher and crew use to come over and buy parts when I worked for Chet Alexander's salvage crew after I got Out.


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Yes Ma'am :) before they found the Atocha, when they were scrappin

Was in Austin the day he died, far from the Ocean , sad day
:Lifts the bottle of Maker's:

To a Man who never quit !!!
When so many called him Crazy :3:

Me mum knew Mel Fisher thru her oceanographic work and she told me tales of the scientists and their adventures. Fisher was highly thought of.
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