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A question about harvest timing


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Hi guys,

I had a question about timing my harvest. I'll try to describe what I'm seeing in the grow as best as possible - and hopefully you can get back to me with as accurate information as you can w/o pictures. (if I need to post pics I will)
So, they're at about 5 or 6 weeks is my assumption. I only assume because I wrote down a projected harvest date, but not my initial start of the bloom phase because I had a problem with hermies half-way through, and thought I would have had to cull the entire crop - but it looks like I managed to grab em before they split their nanners. Pretty deceitful hermies though. Pistils on top, balls just underneath.
What I was left with were two ladies growing side by side.
Right now, I've been noticing that the original white pistils are turning golden-ish, or a yellowing color and starting to curl in. I've noticed a lot of swelling in the calyxes, and trichomes are everywhere (but I lack a magnifier to check em, so hence why I'm posting here looking for some insight).
So far I've only spotted one red hair on a lower bud - the rest are curling a lot, but not 'reddening'. They're darker than they were, but they haven't turned red or brown - with some still being mostly white toward the top.
This hasn't stopped the colas and lower buds from exploding with trichomes everywhere, on sugar leaves and a few on fan leaves.
My question is: my projected date for harvest was actually around the next couple days - but I'm thinking they need longer. If the hairs are curling, how much time do you think is necessary before they are fully ripe?

I picked some fresh a day or two back, and threw it in the pipe to test it. The high was definitely there, but not enough to get me baked out. I didn't dry the bud, mind you, just threw it in the pipe with a little tobacco and saw what I could see. My other question is: even though the bud I smoked was fresh, - after a good dry and cure, should I expect potency to go through the roof? Or should I judge the overall quality by the potency of fresh? I've read mixed feelings on this, but overall the consensus seems to be scientific - that drying causes decarb of thca, and renders the molecule more psychoactive.

Any help on the first question and the second question would be hugely appreciated. Until then, I'll be waiting!

Small edit for additional info: They are both indicas, - the second I'm giving a longer time to, so all the specifics focus on the first. The second is more of a hybrid it looks like.


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yer gonna have to post pix of the tric heads &/0r get yourself a jewelers loop ,
as without these observations that any advice are just a guess by anyone
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