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thank you so much!!! ill post in a few days to show what is going on!!

Fem Seeds as far as i know are done by 2 ways.

1) like u breed a new dog. u do it once (polinate), and get the best babies, then again and again for a few Gen till ull probebly get 90 + have a Female.

2) Labs.....

I think i can see too many calyx with 1 or 2 brown haris that when burst open u see a fakin seed. premature

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You had a plant next to the one that is budding hermie on you, so fem seeds should not even be part of the convo unless it pollinated itself. If a hermie plant pollinates another plant then the hermie gene will be in the females and carry on with any males from those seeds. a few nanners aren't going to do much seeding and when you remove the nanners, you should move the plant away from females and remove the male flowers. I have read that water makes pollen not viable, I will usually spray the male nanners when I pull them at least to keep the pollen from floating around.... Your plants will be fine...

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I found a nanner on One great white shark plant i had about maybe a week ago or so and i immediately pulled it from the plant.. I Came back from vegas yesterday after a week to find the top cola where the nanner was, to be full of seeds.. The bud is still maturing and the plant will be ready to chop in a couple weeks, depending on if the seeds are matured enough. No other nearby plants were pollinated however!
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