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A rant: how ecologically unfriendly we humans can be


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We humans are thee most environmentally, ecologically, and economically UNFRIENDLY species on this planet.

Got another reminder of human bullshit's progress and how we've been lulled into a consumeristic slave dream state.

Yesterday I had to pack up all of a renter's belongings beings since he's not showing up with the rent, not to mention, not even showing his face, so he's gone.

As I was moving shit around, filling that tote box up with one thing, packing another thing into a big tote/luggage bad with wheels, couldn't help but to think about all this fucking junk this dude had accumulated in the room over such a short period of time (not even a month). Ten pairs of shoes, twenty different bottles of cologne, ashtrays with cigarette butts and little knick-knack things still in them, coffee maker, hot-plate, a closet (walk-in) full of clothes, boxes of electronic parts (computer, Video Games, stereos, CD players, all kinds of shit), open bags and boxes of food, soda cans (with soda still in them).


I hate having to clean up after other people's messes.

I am rather disgusted with being associated with a species that doesn't know how to take care of itself, whether it's on a collective or individual level.

All the animals I took care of all those years, when I was a younger dude - not much to take care of actually - the animals pretty much took care of themselves. Most of the time all I had to do was make sure they had food and water.


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This is not a eco- friendly person of course. But on the other hand, that depends, there are some guys do not care air pollution, do not care indoor air quality, they are just there. There are also many guys knowing the effects of smoking, they pay attention to healthy way of life, to themselves, to the environment,
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