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A Rookie - If You May


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To get right to the point I'm new to this but I have done a decent amount of reading throughout the years and just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything essential.

I have a ~ 3' x 3' space boarded off below my stairs. I'm going to paint it flat white. I'm going to build a reservoir in the bottom that is permanent with a faucet on the outside for draining/filling. I'm then going to build a removable tray that the plants will live in, it will have a little drainage tube inside it - I'll be using a simple drip system in the beginning.

The lights are going to be hung by 2 sturdy venetian blind mechanisms obviously with the blinds taken off. That way I can easily adjust the light, which is my first real question - 400W or 600W? I'm thinking of using HPS, then later on down the line picking up a MH system for when I start cloning.

Also, as for ventilation and air movement - I will have a couple small oscillating fans to keep the air inside the space moving but I was wondering whether I need an intake fan coming from outside and also an exhaust fan to get ride of the old air? Would just one fan for exhaust be enough?

Is there such thing as 'bad weed' if it's grown properly? I am trying to decide what seeds to go with and I am definitely feeling slightly overwhelmed. Besides all those questions I'm well on my way to having my first system up and running.:439:


Re: A rookie; if you may.

Pot stinks. Bad. If you're in any way concerned about the odor tipping anyone off, you must get a good air scrubber. Lots of people have success using odor neutralizing agents. For me, those don't do an adequate job - and I only grow between 4-6 plants at a time. There really seems to be no substitute for a carbon air filter and fan.

Good luck!


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If lighting is an issues than go with 2x400w. This will produce a better coverage for your plants. A single 600w will not do the trick. If ventilation is a problem, vent into the basement or an attic that is next to the stairwell. Just a thought. Look around, do what you can.
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