A Second Groovy Ebb 'N' Flow: 4 Strains From Clipping Day 1

train: the TrueOG, White Widow, and Afghan Kush
# of Plants: 25-30
Grow Type: Indoor ebb and flow
Grow Stage: rooting clones - day 2
Container Size: currently in 1-1/4 rockwool cubes
Lights: 8x 4 foot tubes T5 flourescent
Nutrients: rapid root @ 1/8th strength
Medium: 4x4" rockwool
Water Source: city tap water, dechlorinated aerated, ppm @120
PPM: <200ppm
pH: 6.2
Solution Temperature: 65F
Grow Room: Tent 2x4x5
Temperature: 80°F daytime, 68-71F Nighttime
RH: 36%
Pests: None that i know of

I am just starting the second run of this setup... the big tent is currently flowering starting week 6.. these clones and donors are in the smaller tent waiting to graduate..
i clipped 32 clones yesterday... 8 from each donor... TrueOG (2 different plants same strain 8 each), White Widow, and Afghan Kush
I expect to see the first roots within abut 7-10 days when ill transfer them to 4" rockwool cubes where they will stay till they are done..
my donors are all growing a little tight and spindly but still looking OK...
a lot of the leaves are taking on the "taco" shape, frm what i understand this can be a sign of too much light... but i am only running 8 tubes of T5 florescent and am about a good 8-10" away from the tops... this tent doesnt have very good temp/humidity control yet so i know the temps drop a fair bit at lights out (6hrs darkness)... could it be the temp variance that is making them look that way? or do i actually have too much light on these guys? or some other reason?? they still grow like weeds tho :)
Note - ive been feeding the donors a weak solution of bloom formula so that the clipping will take root a little sooner... as soon as i know i'm gonna have enough clones i'll get them back on a regular veg diet and they green up a little more ;)


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i just had another quick peek under the tray and it looks like 4 more cubes have popped roots... YAY! they should all be ready for 4" cubes by next Monday when i harvest the big tent...

I may have to use the big tent for drying so that i dont destroy the whole house (for a week) with the smell of freshly harvested, drying Bud :).. the other option is out in the heated garage, but i'd hate for that to be the week that tweakers decide to bust in there... so i guess it's gonna be indoor drying in some way...
perhaps i can move the fan and charcoal filter to the small tent and dry in there?? i dunno, I'll figure that out next week i guess :)
all donors and clones have been moved to the big tent and are under 600W of MH light (hanging hi)
All but 6 of 32 clones are now in 4" cubes and living without humidity domes (despite what the photos show have to keep the pot-porn off of my phone for a planned boarder crossing i'll update pics after i return.

donors are back on a veg diet, and the clone cubes where soaked in a very weak solution of veg food and cal-mag... they'll get food in a few days when they strengthen up. ;)



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things are moving along... possible 2 more weeks till i flip the light cycle to 12/12... i'll evaluate when the time comes..
i just gave them a weak veg solution, so they will hopefully get a little greener and get into vegging out!! ;)
The donors are going crazy after being put back under MH light (were under T5's for a couple months) theyve started growing 5 and 7 point leaves again instead of 3 or 4.. they love the HID! i might save these bushes for my summer outdoor grow... not sure what their fate will be ;)

I'll get ya a shot of the roots popping through the 4" cubes after i return from an appointment... they are going nuts under there ;) ;)

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32/32 survival rate... clones are out of their trays, well rooted and spread out on the table... had the first taste of nutes (very mild veg solution with some cal-mag, a dash of rapid root, PH'd @ 5.5... 400ppm total)

i am going to glue in a small over-flow ring around the drain to keep just about a half inch of solution in the bottom of the table (in the troughs) between feeds... I am also going start flooding ONLY to the bottom inch of the cubes for now (as opposed to the almost total submersion i was doing) the idea is to soak the cubes less and flood more often (maybe LOL)


I am with a couple days of switching this crop over to flower mode.
It's starting to look like spring time, so this will be the final indoor grow for the summer (we'll use the saved power on A/C ;) )
I have started a new batch of clones for my outdoor run of 10 legal plants, and am making some extras for my neighbors and some friends who want a few to try out for the first legal growing summer for Canada!!

I think i am going to flower out the largest of my donor baskets (2 TrueOG's in one basket) with this table full.... It's getting quite large , I've had to super-crop it quite a bit just to keep it out of the lights :)... if i save it for the summer crop it would grow to be a monster.... but then again, i expect that all 10 will be big bushes :) :)

Here are some picks.. still being fed 1/day and only flooding the very bottom 1" or less of the cubes... ive installed a ring so that some water will remain in the troughs of the table and the roots are LOVING it... i have much more roots traveling and reaching out of the cubes then i did last time :)



this was a first for me in trying to use coco to start clones in.... i didnt have any 1-1/4 cubes and since they are mostly for giving away, i thought id give it a go.... lets just say it works but i dont like how soggy they stay... whatever you have in a bind right? ;)



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I decided to flower out all of my donors.... So i had to remove 8 cubes from the table (leaving 24 on). The 8 established clones will go toward the 10 that i am authorized to grow in my yard... maybe i'll get 2 more different flavors from someone else to fill it out
Did some super-cropping in order to keep the donor branches from getting too much light... these are just less than 1 week into flower cycle
running HPS lamp @ 600W, nutrients about 700PPM, PH@5.9-6.0.. a little Cal-Mag, a little Super-Bloom and a half strength dose of "Green Planet" HydroBloom (their suggested measurements are HUGE and obviously intended to get you to burn your plants and then buy more)
Small tent is housing some sweet bell pepper sprouts, the 8 cubes for outside, and a BUNCH of other clippings for friends, neighbors, and workmates who have asked for 1 or 2 this summer...
I'll be starting to grab a few bags of potting soil every time i go out for groceries... likely a mix of that with coco and perlite for the 7Gal cloth pots which will sit on tilled ground so that they can grow straight through into the sandy earth we have in the back..


AND some video

second week of flower. (started April 13th)
Mother donors are taking up a fair bit of space but i'll make it all fit ;) 24 clones are doing great. I spotted the first sign of leaf discoloration on one of them so its time for me to re-watch some videos and see what the issue is before it shows on more of them... likely too much light of over watering (the two things I am always guilty of). otherwise everybody is doing great!! ;)
the small clone tent is a rootin' tootin' blow-out!! everything is rooting up super fast (some of them in like 4 days)... i need to get these babies potted up and set to the outdoors... i think the weather will be civil enough by next week to avoid any temperature shock... i guess i could always migrate them to the temporary garage we have in the back, the light would be diffused through the tarp tho'. I think we'll be OK by next week :)

I am WAY behind in getting these suckers trimmed and lollipopped... especially the Donors, who have been super-cropped a lot during their long lives (7 months) and have tons of yellowing leaves and tiny sub-growth that needs to be dealt with.... I just SOOO LAZY Tho'!! :) LOL ....... Yea I Know.... get er' Dun Willie!!!



almost at the end of week 4 of flowering.. PH between 5.8-6.1... 700PPM of GreenPlanet bloom, liquid kool bloom, Terpinator, and a dash of Cal-mag :)... I just bumped the light up to 750W all day as it seems like they can take it happily :)

this is ne of my old donors, the lower growth was pretty crazy from going back and forth between T5 and MH, so i decided most of it would be small shabby growth and got rid of it...

mid week 6

mild leaf thinning.. same nutes, PH, and lighting. Humidity is becoming a struggle as the season warms up, but its well within the limits for flowering..
:) the 8" duct fan is running on and off all night long and seems to be maintaining %55-60 during lights-out..

i'll flush in the final week (which will really be a 10-11 day week). gonna cure my buds much drier than last run so i hopefully get a little less brown colour in the final product.

The flavour and effect of my last harvest are great, but i think a drier cure will give me that greener flavour that i might like
:).. it's all about experimenting right?


Final week 8, about 10 days to harvest...

everybody got a full flush / top watering yesterday with massive amounts of tap water, using my handy indoor hose... i gave them all a final wash with properly PH'd water for each medium.

They are looking SOOO SWEET!, super bulk this time and the whole place stinks like skunk piss... thats putting wifey pressure on getting this one done



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