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Wassup everybody? Welcome to my first journal and thanks for stopping by:) This has been a long time in the making for me, as I just finished building this new grow room and I’m excited to get it going. So let’s just cut straight to the details... the new grow room is 20ft X 15ft. The room will be lit up mostly by QB’s and I might throw in a burple or two for some supplemental lighting and the added UV.
Method: DWC
Medium: Hydroton
BudgetLED 480 watt series 2
2- HLG R spec 550 V2
HLG 600 watt kit
HLG 280 watt kit
ENFUN 260 watt kit ( I’m planning on hanging these vertically in flower rather than horizontally to add more light penetration to the lower growth)
Bestva 2000watt DC series & Dimgogo 1500watt (For supplemental lighting and UV)
2 T6 cloudline fans for intake
T8 Cloudline fan for exhaust.
Also a few circulating fans to simulate some wind for stem strength.
Huey, Dehuey, and a giant AC in case things get too hot (not expecting to need this as I’ve given the room a practice run to simulate the environments I’ll need for seedling, veg, and flower and the temperatures remained within an acceptable range.)
Soo on to the strains:
5- Pre98 Bubba kush (new420guys)
2- Blueberry (Dr Seeds)
2- Blueberry X Cindy99 (Dr Seeds)
2- Dos-Si-Dos (Dr Seeds)
2- Gorilla Skittlez (Dr Seeds)
2- Purple Kush (Crop King)
1- Black Domina (New420Guys)
1- Skywalker (Bag seed I obtained from the dispensary)
I currently have the 5 Pre98 and the 1 Skywalker going now and the rest are being germinated as we speak. My current grow limit is 20 plants, I’m only doing 17 in this room for now, as I’m still deciding on what 3 strains I’d like to cross for breeding... any suggestions? ..This should be a fun little journey, and everyone is welcome to come along for the ride! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day:)


Here’s an early picture of the room when I was setting up (without all the lights I’ll be using)

Here’s the Pre98’s and Skywalker


And here’s the seeds germinating.


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Right on, ya I chose a big selection that would grow nice together and I’m hoping to really bring all the different colors out in these strains. And no I’ve been growing awhile, but this will be my 4th grow ever in hydro, and my first using RO water.

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What nutrients are you going to use with the ro water ? Nice editables thread , I’ve done the everclear . I just did my second batch of capsules, stony high loving it . You need to check out @Grandpa Tokin Rosin and thread and introduce yourself. After reading your thread I know you’ll enjoy , plus he does dwc also in his perpetual thread .


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I will be using up the rest of my Advanced Nutrients on this run, along with that I’ll be using hydroguard, calmag, and seaweed kelp. I’m thinking about trying a different nutrient line after this grow. And thanks bro I appreciate it, and ya I’d love to be able to make oils at my leisure. Right now I have to use my friends and don’t get too very often, I’ve been planning to invest in a press. N right on, ima check out grandpas threads. :hookah:


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So the Black Domina lady has joined her p98 and skywalker sisters today in the incubation chamber.

I’m surprised all the seeds popped overnight except for two, and those are the Dos-Si-Dos but it usually takes 2 days for me to see taps so I’m not worried... I expect to throw the rest of the seeds in tomorrow.

Here are the blueberry seeds about 14 hours after being put in the tubs.

I just thought this picture of my p98 seedling looked cool so I wanted to share it with everyone. :420::48:
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