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A tactical growing question


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So in a few weeks I'll be completing my second grow and will be starting my third with bag seed. I want to try my hand at cloning, however unfortunately my gross space is very limited, 36" x 36" x 5' and have to choose between either keeping the original plant, or discarding the original plans and saving the clones. Now I am not one for waste, and seeing as you can take a clone from a flowering plant up to two weeks before harvest, I was thinking of taking a clone from the plant ( or several ) and while they are establishing their roots allow the mother to complete its lifecycle, would this be a good idea? Also, I was considering using mainlining on the mother and after the harvest, through the mother back into veg to get the clones ( Monster crop with the intent of clone harvest to do a SOG with thr clones. Is all this doable/recommended? Would it just be better to grow the mother with the sole intent of getting the clones? The reason I was thinking of my approach was that as a obvious consequence of waiting until the mother is nearly ready for harvest, or even monster cropping it, I would know if it was a female or male plant and wouldn't have to waste the effort of setting up a SOG if in the event the plant turned out to be maLe.

Also in a Hydro set up, what would be The recommended net pot size for the clones and would expanded clay pellets work or eoulf I need something smaller like coconut husk?


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I would let the mother finish flowering and then start your seeds and get clones from the newer plants. Taking clones from flowering plants while require the clone to reveg before becoming viable again. Could take 30 days or so to straighten out becaus of the hornones. If it does at all. Taking clones from a plant in veg would be a better option to me. How many seeds do you have? You could do a sog from multiple plants from seed just the same as from clones. Happy growing.
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