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A Thread For Horticultural Book Reviews

Vanilla Kush

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I noticed book names are scattered throughout all the forums.I propose we Collectively Organize and bring our knowledge together. Books are one of the key products people should invest time and care in.

Books are Supplies Every grower should have.

With the vast expansion of Literature and Knowledge, it is hard to know where to start or continue one's pursuit of well organized, constructive information. Without being able to actually look-through books, ordering online can be misleading.

Fortunately, our community has gardeners with a broad, diverse knowledge; ranging from electrician's, to botontanist, to Micro-biologist, etc. We must utilize that diversity and help each other in a constructive way.

This Threads for Reviews and Discussions of Books. Try not to stray too far off topic, but by no means am I telling you not to be sociable; just follow site rules.

Examples of ways to ask for help:
-Hey Everyone I'm New To Growing Plants, What are books you'd reccomend if I [insert experience]/
/Have never grown any plants.
/Have Gardened since I was 10 and never thought about growing Marijuana until 60 Years Later I was diagnosed with Cancer.
/Have Done Hydro, but am a organic Soil new guy.
/Am looking specifically looking for the most up-to-date species list of researched bacteria and there roles in the soil universe. Also thats not bias for the good guys.

Just try to be as specific as possible, you'll get a response based on reason.

When you review a book, or are responding to a review, please be mature, have reasoning to your points and/or ask the person a reasonable question.

This is just a thread, It takes all of our Idea's to continue using the thread to help fill a patch in the whole quilt.
So I Leave the rest to you; :peace:

Droopy Dog

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I'll go first.:reading420magazine:

About the most useful book on mj there is, not a 'how to' book by any stretch, but one that will give understanding to the plant as a whole.

Marijuana Botany
An Advnanced Study: The Propagation And Breeding Of Distinctive Cannabis
Robert Connell Clarke

This has been my most referenced book for over 30 years.

Not a light read, but if you are serious, so is this book.:yummy:

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