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A thread for the users of Mars-Hydro lamps


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Hi :) I'm DeVille, and I am a happy user of several Mars-Hydro products. Right now I own 4 lamps and am waiting for 8 more. I am Pro series user and I have had fantastic results with this series of lamps. In my subjective view they did outperform HD/HID lamps in the same setup. So I bought more of them and never looked back!

I own:

3x Mars Pro II Epistar 320's

They pull around 800 watt each from the wall and they perform amazing. Sturdy produced and they do have a good quality feel to them.

1x Mars Pro Epistar 160
This was their first pro series lamp. It came with a remote controller that allows you to adjust the light to your own preferences. That makes this lamp perfect for anything from rooting clones to flowering plants. Sadly this lamp had one faulty part, and that was the remote controller. I do not know if it's a bug in the software or what it is, but it keep changing the programs now and then. And that's not good if you use it for flowering. There is a simple workaround though which I am using. After I program the lamp, I remove the batteries from the remote controller. That way the lamp will work perfect and keep your program. This lamp has been running continuously here for two years now and it's still performing as when it was new.

I am currently waiting for the following gear to arrive in the post:
This is gear I did not pay any money for, but instead won in a 3 month long growing contest. I won the third Mars Hydro cup in the category "Best grow journal" This is however a prize for a contest I won - in other words not sponsored but hard earned stuff!

4x Mars Pro II 80's

4 of these are the same as one of the 320's. The cool thing about this series is the flexibility. You can put them together into one big lamp or keep them as separate entities. I have yet to test the 80's, but I know they have the same chip and bulbs as the other lamps I am using so I can already guarantee my own happiness with them.

4x grow bar 24 LED
These I never tested. I do believe they are full spectrum and that they are using Epistar bulbs. I am extremely curious to see how they perform in real life. I want to test how much more yield you get out of putting 4 of these into a tent on top of your normal lights.

1 grow tent 120x120x200cm
The Mars-Hydro tents are affordable and I see they use steel where most use plastic, so I have a good feeling about it. The company's engineers are always open to hear ideas from us growers in order to keep on improving their products. When it comes to their tents, never tried one. But I already have been sharing some ideas with the company they will look into if it's possible to solve.

Been using another brand for tent who I am uncertain of when it comes to sponsoring 420, so I am not going to mention that company's name. I am however very happy with that tent as well, so it will be a pleasure to compare them to each other and see what's what! Here's the Mars-Hydro tent I am waiting for in the mail now.


1 pair of LED grow light glasses

Kinda have never needed sunglasses when growing, but I am hearing that with side-bars in the tent it becomes so bright you can't look at it directly without glasses. We'll see :) The cool thing about these glasses is that you can take photos through them and then the colors will look normal instead of purplish. Great for those who don't know how to set the white balance on their camera's. The best thing about them however is that they fit on top of my regular glasses so I can wear them both. That's great! I could't have used them otherwise.


I also own some of their YoYo hangers. Strong good products that keep your lamps elevated indeed - but frankly There's nothing special about them. They're the same as every other yoyo hanger out there. They are sturdy and I like sturdy, so I will use them.

What kind of Mars-Hydro gear do you own and how do you like it? What's good/bad about it? Tell us all about it. But don't turn it into a Mars-Hydro hater thread. I would like this thread to be for and by users of Mars-Hydro products and not a thread for haters of LED or Mars Hydro as a company. I would like this to be a place where we talk about the lamps, give each other tips and tricks about them and in general help each other pick the right kind of lamp.
I feel it is extremely important for me to add that I am in no way afflicted with the Mars-Hydro company and I am writing this of my own free will. I have nothing to gain from writing this.

Why? I simply like the products because they have a good prize/quality ratio and they do perform very well. Therefore I think growers should know about them before they waste their money on something that doesn't deliver as promised. I feel another thing is also important to add - I can only speak for the pro-series with the Epistar bulbs. That is the only ones I have ever tried frTom Mars-Hydro. I love them!


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Question to other Pro-series users:

Do you use both bloom and vegg setting during the vegg period of the grow? I have noticed some growers choose to do so - Do you notice considerable differences? Especially when you consider that you use two times as much electricity for minimum 18 hours per day.

I have tried both with the Epistar 160. Didn't notice any difference in growth speed, but it helps keep the tent hotter during the coldest winter months. Not all strains appreciate the light this intense during vegg though. I have seen leaves get burned when both buttons are pressed. (That happened only after misting the plants)

The way I do it now - I use 24/0 of blue only during vegg and then I use both red and blue 12/12 during bloom. How do you do it and why?


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Good idea deville.

So I'm currently running a mars pro320 with amazing results. Must have had this light for over a year with no problems and excellent results.
In the past I've also grown with the mars 1600 and also had excellent results but unfortunately had a few diodes burn out very premature but mars hydro took very good care of me when returning light.
Since then I've bought 2 mars reflector 144's which are still running strong and have also given out excellent results.
In my most current setup I'm running my mars 320 with 4 bar 48 led light bars.
I expect amazing results cause of the 320 but we will see how much extra punch the led light bars add to final totals. My girls are still in veg and are about 30 days old. For the first few weeks I ran light 24 hours until last week when I switched it back to 18/6. Just something a messing around with no real reasoning to why lol. A smoke dream maybe


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My newest toy is scheduled to be delivered next Monday, June 5th. A new Reflector 96 should add plenty of photons for my 2x3x5 tent. Very excited, like a kid before Christmas. I may be an old man on the outside, but still only 18 on the inside. Now, it's just my toys are more expensive. My first attempt and grow journal is in my sig. Please come on by and drop a line. As is the norm with this hobby, the wait continues. Grow on team.


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Picture with mars hydro bar 48 120cm led light bar on. And one without what a big difference. Pictures may not do it justice but in person there a huge difference can't wait for the girls to blow up and bud. After this grow I'm going to grow the exact same strain with same nutes and soil setup but without the led light bars to see true difference in quantity.


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Those bars are very nice indeed. Attatched to all four corners must be a good thing. This would replace my cfls as extra light. Food for thought for the next order of toys.

Yup don't have any completed journals with the bar 48 but with the way they light up the room and the extra watts it adds to tent. Don't think I could have went wrong. Time will tell


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Sending a BIG thank you to Mars-Hydro for this fantastic kitty-tunnel. It's tested and has received the quality stamp of approval from 3 different kitties - Who are by the way in no way affiliated with Mars-Hydro in any way. Very popular tunnel and a new favorite among the house cat population!


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Very nice thread. I own a single 144x5 and it is 1 of 3 leds in a 5x5 tent. I will have 2 Blue Dream under the Mars light by mid July. I'm excited to see how the light does full strength for 10 weeks compared to my other lights.

Here is the current setup as of today. So happy growing and once the mars is up and running I'll post more. Take it easy.


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I have the Mars Pro II epistar 80 LED which is great! :thumb:
I got it May 3rd, and I just switch to bloom.

The growth were very impressive! I hope the buds will grow well too!

I tried the grow only switch, but it seems to lack some light. But maybe is just that there's no red and it seems low to my eyes? :30:
Anyway both growth and bloom switch are always on! :)

The day I got it:




Overall, at this stage, it was a really great purchase for both the heat and the noise (and the price!) compared to my old 400w HPS (with cooltube).
I will be able to grow all summer! :allgood:


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Happy growing everyone.:cheer: so many nice pics here.:cheer:

As soon as my reflector 96 gets here Sara (scheduled delivery on Monday the 5th) it'll get up and running immediately. I'll post a before the Mars-Hydro install and then keep the updates coming.


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I am planning a Mars-Hydro weekend inside the garage. Have to clean a space around 120x120 cm :) That may sound easy, but my garage is so full the car has to live outside :) (We're talking piano's, pump organs and other misc huge antique instruments taking up the space)

Anyway - I was planning to take photos underway and see how far we get :) Have some autos in another tent which are starting to smell quite skunky now. Wonder if it can be Jack Herer.


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I think I want to make a few remarks on the Mars-Hydro tent I received. It's the 4x4 model or 120cmx120cmx200cm in the measurements native to my part of the world. I know they don't make sense to you Americans or English folks, but that's ok. Your measurement system don't make any sense to me either.

Anyway -back to Mars Hydro's tent.

I took out all the parts to do a little check if it's all there. Nothing more annoying than to miss one part to get your new tent together. As far as I can see, it's all there. What I wanted to talk about was however not that. It was the quality of the materials. I'm officially impressed! I own a Homebox evolution tent. I always loved that tent and it lasted me for years by now. Good tent. But I can tell you this - The Mars-Hydro tent is better!

Where my Homebox has plastic parts, the Mars-Hydro tent has metal parts all the way. Where the Evolution tent can barely hold a heavy LED light, I bet the Mars-tent could hold the weight of a grown up human being. I won't be worried when I hang the lamps in there. WOW!

Didn't put together the whole thing though. I have to figure out a way to make some available space in the garage :)


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Spent the weekend cleaning up in the garage and have put together my new Mars-Hydro tent. Again I have to say I'm very pleased. It has little windows everywhere you can use to check on your plants. It's sturdy as hell too. I was talking with Sara from Mars-Hydro the other day and you know - They actually ask us growers what we want and then develop it. They will develop something for tents to keep them warm in the winter because I complained about my cold garage :)


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I have one grow-room I built myself and two tents. I call the one I built myself the "main-room"
Was running 3x Mars Pro II 320's in it last run, but that was total overkill. Am using two lamps now and it's still more than I need for that room.

Here's my "Main-room" - Doing a scrog with White Widow & Bubbleicious

Mars all the way tho ...im here till the end lol ...blaze strong


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Spent the weekend cleaning up in the garage and have put together my new Mars-Hydro tent. Again I have to say I'm very pleased. It has little windows everywhere you can use to check on your plants. It's sturdy as hell too. I was talking with Sara from Mars-Hydro the other day and you know - They actually ask us growers what we want and then develop it. They will develop something for tents to keep them warm in the winter because I complained about my cold garage :)

I do find there tents to be very well made.ive got other really good name brand tents which suck compared to mars.
I guess I've been asking the wrong person to make me custom sized tents. I've asked Sara a few times and nothing. You ask for tent warmer and they develop it lol. Deville can you ask them make me custom sized tents please lol. Some people that choose to grow in basements sometimes don't have height room due to furnace ducts and what not. Most other tent manufacturers have lower profile tents to choose from. Mars only has a few which are small tents.
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