A-Train's Basement - Perpetual Autoflowering Cannabis Grow

Hello :420:community I am A-Train,

I have made the decision to begin a perpetual journal here as things were getting a little spread out and hectic for me both here and elsewhere on the canna web. From this point foward all things Autoflowers that I partake in will be documented here in A-Train's Basement.

Thank you all for stopping in, as some of you know I have a current short stuff run that I'll be finishing up here then it's on to bigger and better things... the next 9 months to a year will consist of mostly Dutch Passion and Mephisto Genetics. These 2 seed companies have proven to produce some of my favorite and most potent strains and I have aquired quite the list to share with you all here's a little preview.

Dutch Passion : Think Big / Auto Colorado Cookies / Auto Brooklyn Sunrise / Auto Night Queen / Auto Lime Daquri

Mephisto Genetics : Sour Crack / Bubbly Blues / Heisenberg Special / White N Bubbly

There are more but hey it'll take a long time to get through these in a 3x3 lol.....there will be a few other strains slip in or out as I go along I have a few odds and ends I want to give a go. There will be "small pot projects" slipped in between each grow to keep things exciting. The small pots are 1qt pots but filled with pro mix and fed just like the big girls...

So as far my setup it's as usual.... currently a 3x3 secret jardin tent with a mars 2 1200 LED I plant everything in pro mix and feed pretty much the entire Advanced Nutrients line..

Hope you all enjoy the ride with me can't wait to wrap up the short stuff and next up is 4 "White-N-Bubbly" enjoy
I'm going to post my advanced feed schedule (most current) here for quick reference. This is based on a 79 day plant (average life of auto) it can be extended as long as needed. This is my current feed and is always subject to change as I try new things in newer grows to improve my process if changes are made they will be noted

Day 1 to day 10 = plain water bubbled 24 hrs

Day 10 to day 15 = .5ml/L - Grow / Micro / Bloom
2ml/L - Vodoo Juice / Piranha / B52

Day 15 to day 20 = 1ml/L - Grow / Micro / Bloom
2ml/L - Vodoo Juice / Piranha / B52 .5ml/L - Cal/Mag

Day 20 to day 30 = 1.5ml/L - Grow / Micro / Bloom 2ml/L - B52 /Rhino Skin / 1ml/L - Cal- Mag / Sensizyme / Bud Candy

Day 30 to day 35 = 1.5ml/L - Grow / Micro / Bloom 1ml/L - Voodoo Juice / Piranha / Rhino Skin / Cal- Mag / Bud Candy

Day 35 to day 40 = 2ml/L - Grow / Micro / Bloom 1ml/L - Voodoo Juice / Piranha /Big Bud / Cal-Mag / Bud Candy

Day 40 to day 45 = 2ml/L - Grow / Micro / Bloom / Big Bud 1ml/L - B52 / Sensizyme / Cal-Mag / Bud Candy

Day 45 to day 60 = 2ml/L - Grow / Micro / Bloom / Overdrive / Bud Candy 1ml/L - B52 / Cal-Mag

Day 60 = full pot flush with hose 5 min...

Day 63 to finish = plain water
Well then my man, I'll be in here as well brother, Very Very soon my man, if we teamed up somehow, we could kill it

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All you can eat on the popcorn Rifleman.... help yourself lol

And lookie there at that bad ass title under your username.... OUTSTANDING

Oh wow! I hadn't even noticed. :rofl: BTW ordered some sour crack seeds today on your recommendation. Smallest pack the Corkbiters had was 18 of them. About a quarter of what I ordered today. :) 2016 is going to be green!
Like I said man I got an average of 3 oz off mine... but in your hydro setup it'll be much nicer yield... and it's the TOP SMOKE TO DATE you won't be sorry.... and if ya like some sit down and shut up bud.... let it go bout 75% amber...

I smoked so much of the synthetic stuff when it was available I'm afraid I killed the necessary receptors. Nothing gets me "high" anymore. But I do enjoy seeing my friends unable to put together sentences. Also got some of the auto ultimate, dark devil, etc. I think i might have gotten carried away with celebration. :biglaugh:
I think you deserve to overindulge rifleman. LOL!

I made it Atrain. I see you decided to simplify your life. Great idea to go perpetual.
I'm in ! :high-five: I too have a handful of autos just waiting some space in the garden! Sour crack is one of them :love: also blue dream, dp auto berry , dark devil, sweet afghani delicious, and gsc... Too many options so little space!

I feel ya brother... that's where the small pots come in... I have a plethora of sleeps that are not mephisto or DP as well and I'm trying to squeeze them in the small pots for variety
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