A ViparSpectra KS3000, GroBucket SIPs, & FN Fertilizer, Oh My - By Farside05

Lighting: Upgraded the lighting in the 3'x3' to a ViparSpectra KS3000. My trusty home build strip light has served me well, but at 24" strips, it concentrates light more towards the center and there is more drop off on the edges and corners. I could rework the frame to make it 24" x 32" instead of its current configuration of 24"x24" but opted to go with the 32" x 32" KS3000. Add on that the DIY light had been running non-stop for 4.5 years and just doesn't seem as bright as the day it was new. You can get an idea of how having a bigger frame to spread out the diodes helps even the light distribution compared to other 24" x 24" fixtures.

Tent: @ViparSpectra 3' x 3'.

Here's what everything looks like set up, waiting for beans to crack.

The strains: As a bit of a departure, I'll be growing photos this time. I'm usually an auto grower but occasionally cross over. I dropped two Blackberry Moonrocks and two Rainbow Kush. If four plants proves to be too many, I'm thinking that my other tent will clear out at about the some time I'll be flipping these. Therefore I can just move 2 plants out and flower them all at the same time.

Containers: GroBuckets. This will be my second run with SIP style containers. The first attempt is going OK, but a change in my nutrient regiment didn't go as planned and I stunted them with a major deficiency right at the stretch, so I don't think they hit their potential. Speaking of which...

Fertilizer: I'll be returning to my homemade concoction that I refer to as FN Fetilizer™. It has 4 parts, FN Silica, FN Micros, FN Part A, and FN Part B. I feed them in equal proportions, but vary the strength depending on age.

Mascot: As usual, the Tent Chicken will be watching over the girls and bringing good vibes.

Hope you join in for the ride!
Just realized, the Tent Chicken needs a bath. Don't notice it that much on a cell phone screen, but I just logged in on the desktop. I'll use the wife's toothbrush and scrub him good. :rofl:
The seeds cracked this AM so they were put into Solos. Blue cups are Blackberry Moonrocks, red cups Rainbow Kush. See what I did there? B is for Blue and Blackberry. R is for Red and Rainbow. Helps with foggy memory. The Tent Chicken™ still hasn't gotten his face washed.

following along I plan on going the grobucket route myself on my next grow tho my SIP is working I just feel like the grobucket solves alot of the issues I'm currently having!

I probably could have done some sort of DIY but chose to buy myself out of the labor.
Merry Christmas to the farsides near and far this season! Here's an AK-47 spog® to help celebrate:
Merry Christmas to the farsides near and far this season! Here's an AK-47 spog® to help celebrate:

Merry Christmas in return.

She might have been a SPOG®, but at least she had pretty colors.

Here's a purple menorah in return. I typically post her every holiday season but hadn't yet. I've been working the last several days and get off at 6AM on the 26th, so that's when we're celebrating.

That’s a beautiful setup there Farside! Can’t wait to see how this viparspectra performs ! I am dying to upgrade to a bigger tent than my 2x4 and ofc it involves searching for new lights as well. Have a feeling some wonderful stuff is going to be going on in this journal
Got the last interloper out of this tent. Now it's just the babies. Lowered the light and turned down the dimmer per Vipar's suggestions (50% power and 24"). The resulting lux is right at 15k, which coincides with what I've always done with my seedlings.

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