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A visit to The Green Door

Happy Kitty

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I've been wanting to make a trip back to SF to visit some more clubs. I have visited the Sanctuary (thanks to Pinch's recommendation :3: ). I've also been to The Vapor Room, too. The Green Door was next.

I forgot it was a holiday.:60:

We made it no sweat to SF, and The Green Door is only a couple of blocks off the freeway. We were within a stone's throw of the place when we encountered a detour and a mega traffic jam. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

90 minutes later we found a parking meter (that wasn't yellow or green, whatever the hell that meant), scrounged up change, and made the six block walk to the club. I was thinking the whole time this better be worth it!

We were not disappointed! This is one of my favorite clubs so far. They were very helpful, and the place was very laid-back. I love the fact you can smoke inside the club.I could not believe the prices. Grandaddy Purple for 45 1/8th. OG Kush for the same price. The Grandaddy was beautiful and the best I have seen in a club so far, and for the price, it was a real steal. The OG Kush looked okay, but literally knocked me on my ass. Both had a completely different high. I had to laugh though, for the first time, I actually saw brickweed for 40 oz.! Yuck!

We also picked up some hash. Purple Kush for 35 gram, Jack Herer for 25. We also picked up some Grape Ape kief for 20, and a couple peanut butter cups for 5.

They had nice smoking area, so we twisted up the OG Kush. I took about three hits and decided that was enough. It was a trippy walk back the six blocks to the car.

Quality and price was a real treat, and I will be going back as soon as I can. But take your time, they have some serious construction issues in the area, but it's worth it.

I have pics of my goodies from this trip, and I thought I finally had this gallery thing figured out. I try to download them and it says file too big, so maybe one day I can post them here, but the gallery thing is still a mystery to me.:hmmmm:

Peace and happiness


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ya post them... and i wanna go to frisco on a lil vaca... glad ill be able to go to some clubs


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Ms Kitty-

Green Door is on my list for this week. Thanks for the heads up. I hear it has a medicating room.. chill room. Try the HopeNet Co-op/415-963-4399/ 223 9th (btw Folsom/Howard).. cool old hippies offer some seldom seen items and a neat little chill room to boot! Very relaxed place. :3: :peace:

Mr. Semp-

After reading the Purple Monkey's hassles with MMJ ID's, it may behoove you to phone ahead and see what docs they accept. The entire Bay Area has gotten more stringent about what docs they'll accept.
State Medical Marijuana ID's and OCBC Cards are readily accepted. Everything else.. call ahead.


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Ms Kitty- went to Green Door, OCBC card entry. Got 1/4 o of Sour Diesel.. soft, spongy, trichome covered for 90. They had a good array of edibles and medical marijuana.. hash, etc. I guess. Nice people... easy in and out and parking.. 10 feet from door. I'm lucky at
that . Easy on and off 80 from East Bay.

You know, I used info from the net to check these places out before hand.
I am consistently disappointed by the "chill" rooms that some advertise. I guess I'm spoiled by San Pablo Club in Berkeley (BPCC). Anyone else want to comment. I love "chill rooms". I've only found one of 4 clubs I've been to that was more than a few chairs and a limited place to medicate in a sterile environment.

I also got an alcohol-based tincture in a sub lingual spray, 1 oz vile toped with mist pump for 18, haven't tried it yet.

More local clubs you Bay Area patients! Cool.:3: :peace:

Happy Kitty

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That's great you made it to The Green Door. They really had some great looking buds there, and I was very pleased at the quality.

We tried out the peanut butter cups last night. Edibles are such a total body high, very different from smoking. It makes me feel like a bowl full of jelly, like you'd just slide right off the couch.

We're going to try out the HopeNet next week.

Pinch, try out the Vapor Room. They have a great chill area, complete with tye dye and plastic bead curtains. They have vapes, bongs, and papers available, if you are so inclined.

I agree on the chill rooms. I really like The Green Door, but the chill area reminded me of the DMV. We always manage to meet someone interesting when there is a chill room, so it's a definate plus.

Pinch, you parked ten feet from the door? Next time, I'm riding with you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yes, Ms Kitty, I got some good medicine at a good price. Have been to the Vapor Room and I defer to my last comments.. just spoiled by Berkeley, I guess.

There are one or two more that I want to visit.. next week. :3: :peace:

Oh, the tincture spray.. don't waste your money.

Happy Kitty

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I gave up on trying to post pics, so my best picture is now my avatar. But the pic still looks soooooo pretty. OG Kush buds in front, Purp GD in back, jack herer hash on the right, the little bottle in the back is Grape Ape Kief. Yummy, yummy.

Pinch, we're on our way to the Hope-Net (per your reccomendation) and Green Door this AM. It seems making the trip to SF weekday and midday are the easiest to get in and out of town. I hope that's true today. But I have my bag full of quarters for the meters (and a new understanding of parking meter hell),my map, and we've got all day!:3:

I'll report back later lol.

Peace and happiness


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Ms Kitty, you're going to like the vibe at HopeNet.. enjoy! Their meds are like anywhere else. It's a hit and miss. Was there yesterday too. Their special thing is their honey oil.. so Howard says.

Yeah, weekdays are pretty mellow.. SF a "weekend destination" town.. busy with vacationers and locals.
You've got all day so enjoy.. looks like a nice day too.

I did get some Humboldt Honey (built by honeybees), Extra Strength, 2 oz jar, "Recommended dosage" (first time I've seen that printed on meds) 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon. It is a very dark, dare I say black. Very thick and can be stored at room temperature. I just use a kitchen drawer teaspoon and dive in for my 1/2 + tsp. I let it dissolve in my mouth.. just like any other honey. About 90 minutes to relief.. "the 0 to 60 Factor".. as per Howard

So 3 teaspoons is one tablespoon, 4 tablespoons is one fluid oz, 2 oz of this honey in 1/2 tsp doses should be up to 48 doses.. does that make sense? No matter.. still a good deal. Did some yesterday and was medicated for a good bit of time.

$35.. got it at Sanctuary.. got some marijuana but just mediocre.. like I said, it's a hit and miss. It seems the only constants are edibles and other cannabis derivatives. The plant.. they either have or they don't.. I should have said no to the plants yesterday. :rolleyes3 :peace:


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Honey is kicking in.. as he erases his copy of the post below, which he copied while.. never mind.

Happy Kitty

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As far as posting pics goes, I guess I am just gallery challenged. Downsizing pics is my problem now, I think I can do the rest. The directions are great, so I know it's just me. Thanks Stoner and Ishmar for the extra help.



Okay, now an update on my visit to SF yesterday.

The plan was to go to Hope-Net, right off the freeway - easy off, easy on.. Found a spot right in front of it. Dammit, the dreaded yellow parking meter! And big mistake for not parking there.

Most streets are one-way, streets shift and stop and start again. Getting back two blocks sent us 20 blocks to be able to backtrack. This is gonna be the last trip to SF for awhile. I'm going to take Pinch up on his recommendation to Berkeley.

We did finally make it to The Green Door ( we never figured out how to get back to Hope-net). But good news, those yellow meters are for short term parking, and both clubs have one at their door, you can also park directly across the street from the Green Door. I found this out while at the club. So bring your quarters and your patience with you, but it is worth the trip. Bring your OCBC card with you too, which makes it easy for everyone.

We were again very pleased at the selection. This time we opted for Bubba Kush and Maui. Both very nice, very strong smell (which was mentioned when we visited the aquarium shop down the street LOL), both with very stony highs. And the price, still 45 1/8.

We also picked up a couple smores edibles and some great chocolate truffle edible, both 7 bucks each. Of course I ate the smore bar right away, which is why I didn't type this last night.:23:

I love going to the SF clubs, but traffic sucks. Now on to Berkeley.

I'd love to hear from some of the people that go to the North Bay clubs, and get some recommendations from you as to where to go.

Peace and happiness
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Greetings my friends, The Counselor made a great discovery in finding
a Club that I heard about, & it lifted my spirits as soon as I entered the
door & smelled a rather strong smell of fresh buds. The Club called
Divinity Tree Wellness Co-op. As soon as I entered I was impressed
with their inventory. They keep all their medicine in Jars so you
can see & smell the Buds & even have their skilled Budtenders pick
out the ones you want from these vast container. The special today was
That special strain of Romulan with the Grape taste that was only 95.00
a 1/4 Once. I bought some of that & some Lavinder that was frosted with
Crystals you could see from a distance. Along with some other tasty treats
they have Concentrates in 3 types. Cold water hash's were only 25.00- 30.00
and then they had a Medical Grade Purple Kush Super Melt as well as Blubbery
Widow Honey Oil. I was truly impressed with their selection & the Good Vibes
I felt the moment I entered the Divinity Tree. Their east to find, I took the 47
Bus down Van Ness to Geary Street I walked down 2 blocks, as their between
Larkin & Post on Geary. You will see their sign on the Left side. I bring this up
because as the Evil DEA closes 1 Favorite Club, I was lucky enough to find
one that has a touch of Divinity I wanted to share with you all.:smokin3::smoke2:
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