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I've been smoking for about three years now and I wanted to share some thoughts about this beautiful plant and hear what others have to say about it when I found this site.

Now after you get past the "getting stoned" phase you begin seeing life from a different perspective you actually begin to appreciate live and love all the small things in life like simply gazing at stars or just walking down the road in your neighborhood.

I have chosen marijuana as a way of life were you can do anything you want while being so calm and happy, and that way you can really change your life and anyone around you to the better.
I smoke and go to my university and no one knows but me but I understand everything in class I speak to others so freely, My goal is to show people that as long as you're not afraid your life can get so much better in all its aspects: your relationship with your family and friends, you're studying, you're self esteem, you're confidence mainly everything.

I think that if u got to a point where you understand all this then you achieved perfection and you have been awakened and it's now time to awaken others to achieve our goals for a loving and caring world.

thanks for reading please comment your thoughts if you agree with me or not,


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:welcome: to :420:
The information and people here are great!!
I believe life, as life with MJ, is a continuos process of analyzing and often overcoming. Any natural rememdy with so much benefit can only be denied for so long.
Im glad to welcome you on board the best online community outthere!! :circle-of-love:
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