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A Year w/o a Summer?

Captain Kronic

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It has happened before, back in 1816. We have had a really shitty season so far in So. Oreganja, a friend of mine turned me on to this article.
I present it to you all for discussion :Namaste:

Russian Kizimen volcano ACTIVITY causes Global concern:

A string of volcanoes on Russia's eastern seaboard of Kamchatka have been unusually active for the last six months. The dust they threw up diverted winds in the Arctic, pushing cold air over Europe and North America and causing the unusually cold winter this year, say scientists.

The volcanoes (160 in total, of which 29 are active) are still on the go and could create more problems this year, depressing harvests around the world just as global food prices soar and culminating in a second freezing winter next Christmas.

The eruptions have come at the worst possible time. The Pacific Ocean has already been cooled by the so-called La Nina - which contributed to the deluge in Australia and Tropical Cyclones - while at the same time the Atlantic Ocean is warmer than usual, say climatologists. Erste Bank says the combination of this means the weather forecast for the first quarter of this year is extreme, which will hit both the agricultural and mining sectors, sending already spiking prices up even faster. "These climatic conditions reduce the outlooks of harvest for agricultural commodities (last year was also bad) and prevent the mining of commodities like coal," says Erste. "The extreme weather will probably culminate in the [first quarter] - this is the reason why the prices of commodities will be influenced by this weather... then an acceleration of consumer inflation... There are also problems for transport due to strong storms."

The combination shifts wind patterns around the world, but the spanner in the works has been the Kamchatka volcanoes, which are throwing massive amounts of dust into the air, causing the Arctic to become even colder and Arctic winds to push farther south, resulting in a very drastic change in patterns. "Kamchatka tends to be somewhat active - but recently it has been ridiculous! Since late November, Kizimen, Sheveluch, Karymsky, and Kliuchevskoi have been erupting almost constantly," Evelyn Browning Garriss writes in the Browning Newsletter, a monthly weather publication.

Volcanic ash screens out the sun, cooling the air below. This lowers air pressures, which in turn changes wind patterns, especially in the Arctic. The upshot is, Browning Garriss says, "the cold air normally trapped around the North Pole surges south."

Source: .-**UNCOMMON NEWS FOR COMMON PEOPLE**-.: Russian Kizimen volcano ACTIVITY causes Global concern


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The planet has some nerve thinking about itself and not us we have it backwards we are not in charge.


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Take that Global Warming!

just kidding, nice article though. Volcano's are crazy things. In Hawaii the one on the Big Island would blow vog over to Oahu that really did a number on my sinuses. This sounds a little more serious...


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Had a really short summer down this-a-way too.

Last year was almost just as short.

These last 2 year's I haven't had to run the A/C very much for the complete duration of summer (June~September).

Typically, around this area, for as long as I can remember (and I can remember quite a bit, even going back 35+ years) things usually start cookin in June, hotter in July, even hotter in August, then a cooling (but still hot September).

People running A/C's usually start in June and don't turn them thermostats up, or off, till September.

Been quite different the last 2 years weather-wise.

Much cooler.

Like right now - less than a week ago we had temps in the mid 90's and now they're in the mid 60's. Quite a substantial drop in temperature in such a short period of time. Very spooky. My cat's even trippin out about it.


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The truth be known a huge meteor hit the earth and caused dozens of volcanoes to spew their lava and this blocked out the Sun for a few months. After 4 months the vegetation would become scarce and the plant eaters would die and then the meat eaters. I just can't believe a meteor could throw up enough dust from the crash to block out the Sun for months. Each time these countries test fire a nuclear bomb it violently shakes the earth and combined with so much oil being taken is causing shifts in the plates and we could experience a couple volcanoes spewing their crap for a couple months and this could destroy the growing season in the Northern hemisphere. Which would starve billions and create very cold temperatures for the North.
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