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About a month in veg, slow growth


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I have been running 24/0 in a 4x4x7 box with six 27-47 watt CFLS of soft and regular light. I have been keeping the light between 2-4 inches from the tops of my 7 bagseed plants. Looks like I have some indica strains and at least one sativa.

They are about 6 inches tall now, but none are past the 5th node yet.

Seems they have good soil and no signs of under/over watering or nute deficiency.

One problem I may have is CO2. I grown in the basement, with a window opened for air, but I'm afraid the co2 level may be what is stunting them.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!


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Maybe you have low temp issues, if not then you have other issues stopping you cause it ain't co2 levels. I do all my growing in the basement.
If they look healthy then they are probally on track but a lil slow with the height.


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Ya i was worried about the temp so I put in a few regular bulbs to keep it warm. Temp stays around 75, maybe i should get it up more?

If the slow growth is normal for lower temp grows then thats cool, I can live with it.

Other than the transplant shock from putting them in larger pots (10") and some purple stalks (I started the fert spray and it's helped already), they look real good. Just really really slow.

Thanks for the help!



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60F and growth stops. 75 is a very good temp. Purpling can be genetic but it also can come from lower temps. I never worry about purpling. They will pick up speed once roots are established and temps stay in the normal range. They will pick up speed once they are older and more tolerant to changes too as long as everything stays healthy.


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Since completeing the new room, 4 of the 7 plants are left (really 6 but I think 2 wont make it)
only 2 sativa and one of those wont make it, it's like a stunted stepchild, way small.

I have a total of about 600 wats in CFL's 400 for veg and about 200w soft. I will change out the spectrums when i'm ready to flower in about 2 weeks.

This has been a rough first grow due to cash and parts :) I will upload some photos when I can get all the hanging lights out of the way safely :)

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Go to your member gallery and you will see the thumbnail size pics you just loaded. Click on the image you want to enlarge it, then right click to bring up the bow with properties. Then click on properties, which brings up a box with the location of the image. Copy the location, then go to your thread and use image insert. Paste in the location URL in the insert image box, and ok. Then repeat the process. There may be a quicker way, but that is how I do mine.


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Thanks (Again) Moose, I did search for that answer, maybe I was high or somthing.... :439:

Here is the room.

And some shots of the babies.





I wanna thank everyone for all the posts here, they sure do help!


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I have a question. I noticed the roots are starting to hit the edges of the bags I have them in. Will this stop them from growing more? Should I transplant to even larger bags? They are at about 3 gallons now, I could go to 5, but that means I go get more soil.

Peace, and Thanks :smoke2:

While I'm at it, do they seem too bushy? Was wondering if I should trim before going into flowering.
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Ahh Thank you! I had the top open before for the first 15 days or so, so what little heat the bulbs gave off escaped. Now I am completely enclosed and the temp is perfect, even with the fan blowing cool air in.

I did the same thing you did with the lights, brought them down as low as I could. I just started noticeing major growth. I think they grew 1/2" just today.

I think the cooler temps early on slowed me way up. Seems fixed now :)

I should take a pic of one of the plants in the same position to see just how much it did grow :)


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No mate, us mods need no sleep. Seriously though, I do get 7 hours sleep. I punch the clock at about midnight Aussie time, and check back in about 9am.

Well I for one am glad for you're long hours.. heh;)


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Two of the plants were showing magnesium deficiency (Prob from the soft water in my house) so ... you will never guess what I did.

I put a cup of walnuts in the food processor with spring water, made a walnut milkshake and fed the plants ;-)

I hope it works :)

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