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Healthy Hopes was formed by a group of cannabis industry professionals who believe in the healing power of cannabis so much that we are willing to donate time, money and grow space in the pursuit of healing. Our core mission is to provide safe, legal access to patients with serious and chronic health conditions that are easily treated with medical cannabis.

In addition to assisting others with plugging in to and maintaining a steady supply of medicine, Healthy Hopes also partners with companies and industry professionals in order to connect patients with the resources they need in order to get and stay healthy.

Currently planned for a large tract of land in Northern California that contains several homes and water sources, the Healthy Hopes Ranch will provide a safe, healthy environment for medical cannabis patients who are unable to safely and legally obtain the medicine they need. We will do this by creating a pipeline for patients to move from states where cannabis possession and consumption is against the law. Patients will be provided with housing, medical care and given the opportunity to work with expert growers to develop cannabis strains and applications that best treat their serious medical conditions.

Healthy Hopes has submitted an official offer to the seller and we are currently awaiting the acceptance of the offer and a signed contract. Once this property is secured we will be able to release additional information and specifics about our plans for the ranch.
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